A Word From the Editors:           So, what’s it going to be then? Congratulations, if you are able to read this it means you are literate, and part of a small percentage of people lucky enough to be born in luxury. People often deride words, actions speak louder than etc, etc… but words have power, incredible power, enough to bring down empires and change the world hundreds of years in the future. Just look what effect the communist manifesto had on the entire world in the twentieth century, and it was written in the 1800’s.

No this is not a political manifesto. I’m sure many of the artists included differ in their political beliefs. This is a space where artists, poets, musicians and just plain people can have a chance to express themselves, in a time when most local art programs are poorly, if funded at all. We were lucky enough to work for the Undercroft in previous times, both as members of the editorial committee. It gave youth a voice, a voice that’s being strangled. We want to give youth a voice back, and not only the youth, the people on the fringes, old poets, ex cons, freaks, the mentally, & physically ill the LGBTQ (We can’t remember the rest of the acronym, keeps growing, our deepest apologies) the chronic psychiatric patients and alcoholics.


That’s not to say we don’t have standards. Don’t bother sending in any racist, sexist, homophobic & radically religious, we’ll probably laugh at it, then use it to start a fire. In the words of Jello Biafra, “Nazi Punks Fuck Off.” Otherwise my dearest readers and writers, this is a playground for expression and experiment, opinion and artistic vision. This is just paper, its your job to fill it, and in a world like this, if you don’t have anything to say about it, well their ain’t much hope for you is there?


This is a world of inequality, for many it’s a world of pain. And, of course it’s a world of questions. Why did the biochemist that discovered the increased risk of GMO Monsanto crops to cause organ damage, lose his job the day after his discovery? Why were we (NATO) so quick to intervene in Libya, yet stand by like statues as thousands of Syrian Civilians are murdered by Assad & killed in the crossfire? So many questions. Free healthcare they say, but it won’t cover the thousands of dollars needed for an HIV or Hepatitis medications. Why are our First Nations people living in third world conditions?

Why do we endure a Prime Minister that was held in contempt of parliament?


What do you know? What do you feel? Who are you? This is a platform for the artists, the poets, the weirdoes, musicians and freaks. If you want a place to speak your mind, here it is. Send submissions to hollow publishing@gmail.com . Now fuck off your computer and do something creative.


Your loving editors


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