I like how my vagina smells.

It’s so strong,

It makes me feel strong.

People don’t like that

But usually they don’t know what’s good.

I like my breasts

But not the way anyone else does,

I don’t want to feel them.

In fact, it makes me very uncomfortable,

But they’re nice.

I’ve noticed that everyone expects girls to love to be humiliated.

They expect them to want to be sexy in a way that would make anyone feel degraded.

Why do people want girls to touch their own breasts & get off?

Why do people want twins to make out with each other?

Why do people want girls to like it when you cum on their faces?

Why do people want girls to wax their buttholes & smelly vaginas?

Why do people expect girls to get raped in the ass on film & to also not have shit in there?

Why should we pretend to like it?

Girls need to stop pretending.

Glamorizing the shit out of shit that’s unacceptable & wrong.

They need to stop choking on dicks,

Shaving their legs,

Their armpits,

Their eyebrows.

Stop choking themselves in the bathroom to look good to someone who will never love them for who they are.

They need to insist on being treated equally when fucked on camera & have their faces blurred like the sodomizers fucking them.

I have long armpit hair

You’re welcome.




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