Trust Your Government

Bayer (makers of Tylenol, heroin, etc.) made Zyklon B for the Gas Chambers during the Holocaust. Abercrombie & Fitch manufactured knives & rifles used in the suppression of native cultures. Goldman & Sachs funded international warfare since the Seven Years War. William Randolph Hearst made up stories in order to stoke the fires of the U.S./Mexican War, then watched soldiers on both sides die from the safety of his private yacht. Ontario’s own McMaster University participated in CIA funded deep sleep & insulin shock therapy methods without the informed consent of patients, the wider program was known as MKUltra. The U.S. government intentionally placed some of its troops near nuclear test sites in order to study the harmful effects of radiation on the human body. Most later died or suffered greatly from the effects of radiation poisoning. The British military exposed several of its troops unknowingly to massive amounts of liquid Sarin, killing one serviceman & permanently injuring many more. His father was ordered not to speak about the tests for the next 50 years, under national security & treason laws. The same gas is now being put to use in Syria. The Reagan administration admittedly sold U.S. arms to both Iraq & Iran during the invasion of Kuwait, leading to American deaths by American bullets, not to mention the massive toll the war cost on civilian lives. The same administration funded Osama Bin Laden & many other Mujahedeen with guns, ammo, training & bombs during the Soviet invasion, weapons that are still being used to deadly effect in the Afghanistan war today. This list could go on & on & on but I’ll leave it at this for now. Don’t believe it? Then look it up. I’m not going to force feed you. If they lied then, what is to stop them from lying now? Nothing.

This is the truth. What you decide to do with it, & whether or not you agree is entirely up to you. The facts are here, it’s your choice in how you use them. –Tj Brown


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