Vanier’s Vegetable Problem

Vegetables: beans, broccoli, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, carrots and peas; some of which you could only receive when on a diet or the vegan or vegetarian meals. All the vegetables are cooked then frozen, shipped to the facilities already on the verge of no nutrients they finally steam it to ensure that there is none left. Fruits: apples, oranges, pineapples, apple sauce, fruit cups, sometimes peaches and bananas 4 times a month. In one day the inmates calorie count adds up to 3,500, this does not include anything eaten on the side like chocolate bars or candy. Each meal they receive three slices of bread, which can be given away or eaten or saved for later. As for the meat they take turns in a cycle. They get chicken breast, Italian sausages and corn beef once a month and turkey (cold and hot) twice a month. There is plenty of meat that is commonly used but also unknown of where it came from like ground beef (hamburgers), roast beef, kabasa, cold bologna and little sausages whichever one calls “donkey dicks”. As for fish they get canned salmon/tuna and those on a diet get 2 real paddock filets.   There is a lot of junk they can order such as Mr. Noodles, king size chocolate bars, protein shake, meal replacement bars, cookies, rice krispies, candy etc. The inmates get to work to waste time and to loose time of their sentence, but they get a ridiculous third world pay. They get 3 cents an hour which transfers into 6 hours a day for three days they would earn 3 king size chocolate bars, 1 bag of chips and a pop. They don’t get money just unhealthy snacks. Vanier has inmates working in the kitchen part of daily routine is to make 6000 trays a day of food to be sent to all the other prison facilities in Ontario. The food the women get to eat is appalling but fresher than all the other jails.  




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