Princess is somehow lost

By Deja

She hides in her own world

Full of dreams

Just like Disney

Trying to forget this tragic thing

People call reality

In her mind

He’s her Prince Charming

And she’s his Cinderella

Dancing the night away

In pretty dresses and tuxedos

But love like that

Only exists in stories

When you’re young,

They continue to say

Instead of a ball room

It was the stands screaming

His name and number

With all the air

Her lungs could take

But somewhere in the back

Of her broken mind

She felt like she wouldn’t

Actually couldn’t

Be his typical dream girl

Blonde hair, hazel eyes,

Pale skin, small waist

With a butt that

Truly absorbs her pants

She just didn’t know that he was

Fighting to be let into her heart

He earned it with

Killing the demons

Who tore her down

With words of self hatred

While she’s in the dirty stands

Crowded by people

And the mixing smell

Of popcorn and must

She hides in her dreams

To where she is his princess

Dancing at the ball

When in reality her feet are glued to metal benches

And a mouth so dry it feels like she’s chewing cotton

The only thing the same

In both totally different worlds he was still her

Clumsy knight in shining armor of shoulder pads

And green jersey and she was his Princess

In a black shirt and dirty green shoes.


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