The Ventilators

Composed by Pijush Kanti Deb
Scolding, abusing, cursing and weeping-
the effective ventilators for cooling a life-
captive in a handicapped body
with chained hands and feet,
fight against the spears of fire-
cast by the selfish catapults-
powered by the evils of
society, profession, politics and spirituality
towards a poor life
and the only amulet-
made of tolerance is penetrated
and life starts groaning in anger.
Thank God, the ventilators are spontaneous
in using the magic of
scolding, abusing and cursing-
all against the merciless catapult
and at last weeping too to cool down
the burning body mind and soul
in a very non-violent way
to save a life from the fire of anger.


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