Composed By- Pijush Kanti Deb
Walking may be accompanied by a few leaping
on the way to the well determined destination,
but the proverb whispers and warns
‘’Look before you leap’’—
the feet are chained promptly
and the world toddles in confusion and hesitation.

The blossom of charity may embellish others,
still one ought not to be unmindful to the proverb
‘’Charity begins at home’’-
hence, home wins the first choice for collocation
as sweet is home with or without a dome.

Greed lays the countless eggs of endless desires
but scholars and saints are serious in saying
‘’First deserve then desire’’-
so, all pretend to be deserved shamelessly
and boost the degrees of their desires up.

A resourceful spares something to nothing
yet  the proverb reminds him the warning
‘’Give him an inch and he will take an ell’’-
thus, selfishness wins the universal recognition
to practice for the welfare of own kith and kin.

A carping with upside down mind and brain
resolves everything into separate factors,
so he breaks the proverbs to find a critical meaning
and gives birth to a new proverb of interest
‘’As a goat chews all so a mad talks all’’.


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