Double Standard Behaviour

Composed by –Pijush Kanti Deb
Ours behavior is ought to be pardoned
as compelled we are to make it double standard-
wrangler, babbler and savage in outdoor
and in  indoor- peaceful, civilized and  gentle,
in fact, a two- in- one mask is to be used always.

Quite prompt we are for wrangling with other
on the whistle of the angry outdoor- situation
and making it more thrilling and thunderous
to flow out the hatred and anger of mind-
the spontaneous creation of the free situation.

In indoor, one acts the simultaneous roles
of three characters of blind, deaf and dumb-
the three toys of monkeys- the symbol of peace,
to collocate the drawing room with different gestures-
making the play on the indoor screen- a super hit.

A consequent mental tag of war is on,
where the outdoor is defeated by the clever indoor
as the peace-lovers are destined to the addresses
of sweat homes to live like the kings and the queens
making the indoor untouchable to the lunatic outdoor.


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