An Ensnared King

Composed By—Pijush Kanti Deb
An illuminating and tumultuous evening
protrudes my eyes to a sudden attack on my fort
by a beautiful, lustrous and haughty princess,
only a  sharp stroke of the amazing beauty-
blown on the steep dome
and my strong and almost invincible fort
built on my pride and contumacy
collapsed within a fraction of a moment.
The proud invader entered my fort
blowing her winning bugle,
snatched the throne away-
owned by my God so far
and pillaged the positions and the possessions
offered to my nearest and dearest.
She steered her magical rod
on my lips for uttering the passionate words,
‘’I love you my queen’’,
on my heart for a dance on her rhythm
forgetting all other stile and steps
and on my soul to banish it for a long hibernation
and started ruling my fort making me her king-
ensnared and lost in the invading fire of beauty.


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