The Two Suns

   Composed By Pijush Kanti Deb
The burnt eyes
can observe a life in different angles
and perceive the illumination of the two suns,
one is ever-wanted and so visible
while other is unwanted and hence invisible.
The visible sun is ever-luminous
yet its light can’t get rid of
the presence of that dark shadow
beneath which the synthetic goodness
of a compromising life grows up
and within a fraction of a moment
all are bewitched and attached
to live within the circle of that shadow
wherein they enjoy
their illusive days and dreamful nights
and assume their lives as satisfied and blissful
making themselves hidden, pretending and artificial
to one another.
The invisible sun is too luminous
to allow a shadow to cover its light
making all hidden, pretending and artificial
transparent and perceivable to one another
bringing them in front of their own mirrors
by breaking their dreamful slumber
and landing them from fantasy to reality
where dissatisfaction and irritation of practical life
bite them in every moment
and making itself unwanted to the fantasy lovers.


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