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A Book is to be Read

Composed by —Pijush Kanti Deb
A book is to be read-
but when?
the desire and the probing calls for
a whispering conflict,
starts casting of arrows of
arguments and counter arguments
to each other
till the casting of the last arrow.
At last , a cartel-a gainful last resort
appears between
the most powerful and ever- agitated rivals-
mind and brain,
decides- a noon-hot and matured,
the appropriate time to open and read
a book with entire satisfaction.
Advises to be patient and tolerant
till the sun reaches the zenith
and  to be deserving and competent
to perceive from the first to
the last pages of the book thoroughly.

An abrupt flow of wind flies into the room
From the open world-
Habituated to play ‘’ Go as you like’’,
trespasses each and every corners,
rushes towards the glittering of the book,
makes it opened, naked and read.
Within a fraction of a moment
the virginity of the book is lost,
reader’s ill-competency is detected
and the interest looses its keenness .


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