By – Pijush Kanti Deb
In the last chapter of his biography
a macro-conscious great man is ill-fated
to repent throughout his sub-conscious journey
on the way to his final destination,
to conclude his life-long sacrifices
as incomplete and ineffective
in putting two and two together
regarding his solicitation
to better sun-rise for the mankind.
Indeed, he regrets from his depth of heart
witnessing the presence of the dirty hearts-
full of garbage of selfishness and cruelty
still left untouched and unwashed,
a few glasses of hemlock in their hands
ever-skilled to pour into the nectar
prepared by him with great care.
A feeling of repentance
starts sucking his last drop of life
and as an atonement
he becomes a piece of stone
exhaling his last breathing
and the people leave him alone standing
in a public place of interest beneath the open sky.


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