alternative, literature, poetry, writing

Pop Culture

Hive Design

Wet Beauty

Phone Diva

Love Money

Gun Hero

Getting mad high naked on outdoor sprees in two dollar shirts for the point of confusion, walking down the street swearing at children hoping for a reaction, throwing apples at concrete to pass the time conversing with the bearded homeless in back alleys.

Raped Sex

Digit Drug

Advert Slave

T.V. War

Profit Goals

Mindless Bow


Set paperwork alight playing loudly, free guitars and freer voices holy vomiting ecstatic indulgence in wild houses in foreign cities holding chair-less parties in grassy circles chanting damn, damn, damn, damn, and raising hands just for the hell of it.

Life Movie

Screen Cultist

Text Addict

Fast Success

Self Indulgence

State Production

Pray violently to ashtrays on city runs to jumpy parking lot van boxes, loving long hair, peace, and fireworks for the joy of walking summer air. Pass communal juice as sacrament to life, unmapped drunken stumbling blocks through expectant mirror rooms.

Super Size

Retire End

Pathway Straight

Career Hell

Bored Fuck

Empty Lives

Run away from nothing, fly with trees, talk hours with the wind on milk and ideas in summer forts of pebbles, battling fruit drawn mind movies and taking long walks in circles on poetry, screaming youth expression to old buildings, mourning love’s indifference.


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