Vanier Visitation


here are approximately 300 women currently in Milton’s Prison; Vanier. Inmates are allowed two visits a week with two visitors at a time.   There are two types of visits, the first is an insecure visit and the second an open visit. The closed visit bluntly just sucks. It is a tiny room with one super low metal stool right in the middle. The glass that separates the inmates from the visitors is all smudged and scratched, the frame holding the glass is destroyed from so many people scratching stuff into it all of which are illegible. Since there is only one spot to sit the other person must stand, this is a problem because the phone that is used to communicate is only 2ft long. So the prisoner & visitor must hunch over to listen to the phone. The phone is the worst part of the visit, it not only is static the whole time but as well during the last 5 min it beeps to inform you that the time is almost up. This arises two problems the static prevents any conversation from happening and the beeping is just plain and simply annoying! The phones are terrible through calls to home as well. The entire visit is 30 minutes and I found yelling through the glass is much easier. That is an insecure visit, which can be fixed with speaker holes instead of a phone, why not get two stools? The open visit is pretty self-explanatory. You can hug the inmate at the beginning and then again at the end. There are many desks with attached benches all supporting a small piece of glass to split the inmate and visitor. This visit is pleasant and fulfilling, although the guards are only 15ft away they talk amongst themselves; giving the feel of a more personal aspect. Overall the insecure visiting area needs renovating. Only inmates on the lower levels are required to have insecure visitation. This could potentially be the time when those women need the most help so why not give them a chance to at least be able to understand their visitors, who carry with them the most support.




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