The Faculty of Hunger

Returns with sunset pangs of deep blue drowning.

The infinite City spirals out around our moist, milky eyes.

Galactic arms of grey bricks and housing projects

Take us dancing in an infinite pirouette

To dance the dripping drool dance of the drugged and indecent.

My leaf shaking kidney pain ventilator shoes waltz the same old route,

Tired sunken and dead.

Dead like my best friend’s eyes,

Stretching and sketching out, pinholes in the captive horizon.

I drive dusty descents down deserted highways of well-intentioned lies

That stand out like the veins,

The spider web thin glass scars

That skate like skinny ghosts

Across the crust of my arms.

Echo Ship is sinking fast with safe shores left far behind.

One hell of a flash, but total silence.

Not a whimper, bang, or shot.

(Oh please just give me a shot!)

Skeleton slim youth crew, we jabber and jeer

Of mother’s day dialysis donations, golf club psych patients, content and application,

Aborted condom, broken ankle, pharmaceutical blues manifestations.

We’re trailing off in smoke so thick you can’t see how big the fire has grown.

Psychedelic slurs and haldol heckles pour like cheap malt liquor

From the yellow mouths of neuroleptic dungeon drunks.

Sour notes and dark red regrets drip down the worn and rusted strings of their youthful instruments.

An isopropyl alcohol sick stench rises up with waterfalls of yellow bile,

A personal great deluge pouring into stranger’s downstairs toilets.

Graffiti clothes the naked walls,

Fluorescent green footnotes to the fall of an Empire.

Billboard ads devour the skyline,

Flickering commercials for execution reruns

Of History herself crucified to pacify the masses,

Her drooping erection a shriveled testament to the godly powers of media,

And to the lasting victory of the heavenly armies of psychiatry.

Presidents and Popes drink toasts and consent

To the bloody rape of these holy lands,

Televised and broadcast at primetime

For the wide, starving eyes,

Of seven billion apathetic children.


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