Sneaky Dee’s Kicks Out Reporter Mid-Stream in the Bathroom Stalls.

In the“Story” of the Toronto bar Sneaky Dee’s, profess to cater to an alternative crowd. They mention starting in the 1980’s with an “authentic punk” atmosphere. Well the 1980’s are over and after being to just about every bar, club and venue from big to small throughout Toronto, I have to say that this establishment is the worst I have ever seen and that there are street performers that provide a higher quality of service and entertainment than we found here. They like to dress things up, especially on their web page, talking about people having sex in the bathroom. That doesn’t happen at Sneaky Dee’s. They don’t even want you to piss in their washrooms. This place is about as “authentically punk” as Avril Lavigne playing Neil Diamond covers in a Starbucks. Turns out they’re just another money hungry bar, leeching off of drunk people and poor kids.

 Staff creeping about in the bathroom found it necessary to remove one of our correspondents from the bar, despite his sobriety, evidently because he was facing the toilet and using the stall to urinate. Since they can’t see through walls there is no proof of any wrongdoing on the part of our correspondent. If the staff is peeking into the stalls then that is sexual harassment. I must either trust that they have no proof, which is the most likely, or are perverts, in which case the cops should get involved. This is a problem because he suffers from both an anxiety disorder and renal difficulties, That means it takes him a while to start pissing and he doesn’t like to be watched. The fact that you actively discriminate against people with mental disorders and legitimate medical problems is unacceptable for a professional business. I’m no lawyer but I believe that is prohibited under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

I heard this same story from several other attendees we interviewed outside. First, there is nothing punk about taking people’s money and then kicking them out without any actual evidence of wrongdoing. Its a low way to conduct business. One or two people, maybe believable, but more than five and it seems a little bit strange. Please re-think your policies and end the discrimination at your bar.

The portly bouncer on duty the night of April 3, 2015, on top of being rude, was also smoking cigarettes and a vaporizer while standing in the doorway of your business. This is a complete violation of the Smoke Free Ontario Act, and is liable to get your business fined. He also allowed, and participated in smoking directly beside a gas line a few feet from your entrance. I seriously hope that it is not active for the safety of innocent people.

At any rate, since they tossed out our reporter while his pirates were out we can’t do a review of the band, nor could we get any pictures of the show aside from your bouncer smoking beside a gas meter. For a venue that claims to be alternative and open minded, denying access to the independent press is pretty damn conservative and stifles the music scene. If you are going to discriminate against people, they aren’t going to come back, if you are going to enforce rules make sure your employees follow them. We do appreciate the new story though. Its a shame it can’t be about the music.

Sincerely, the REAL Underground.


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