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Arthur et Patti

Such beautiful noise

We rest like white winter winds



Bad Moon Rising love

Sounds tranquilize fear and ego

Afloat in music.


Get famous for free

Naked before lust filled mobs

Digital time speeds.


Insanity is

Doing this at four AM

Times are not a changin’.


Sleeping couch, not I.

Bug eyes see shadows dancing.

Joke poem not funny.


Doors, infinite keys.

No love for numb hearted snow.

Music. Free. Sacred.


Jack Blare, Intentional Insanity (2016)

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A stranger stranded in the mist.

Figures blur unintelligible words,

Ghosts in the shadow of my hometown.

The form of a beautiful naked woman,

Glowing like moonlight reflected off a still northern lake.

The more I walk, the longer the road stretches on like a river of midnight oil.


Distant voices call my name in the night, awake, alone.

Seeing through the disguise adopted to keep from sliding down the slippery slope, of lonesome, drugs, depression and death.

Disguise of society, the selling of the soul

Long before the en…end? Is that what I meant?

Long before the legal age of consent.


One more product, semi-efficient,

Ignorant, stupid and loyal to the system.

Or maladjusted young adult trying to find meaning in an unforgiving world, scars, SSRIs12 step programs, graduate high school,

College diploma and regular Jesus doses.

Financially fettered, fed lies by the system then fed truths into their shredder.



Maybe there is no difference. Chemically enslaved.

At least with pain pills there’s a satisfying high.

These sertraline capsules just keep the prescriptions filling

To keep the insanity, true insanity, of SSRI withdrawal, at bay a little longer. We all have our vices, why this too?

Too much too young, chemical changes in the brain.

Anxiety, panic disorder, knives, flagged vein, walls drip with my own blood.


Desire something enough

And it’s worth the pain of attempting it,

Even worth the pain of failure.


-Jack Blare, Silver Chain (2016)

addiction, alternative, free verse, independent, literature, Uncategorized


You used to gift my heart with butterflies

But a harsh Northern wind swept in,

Froze them all to death.

Corridors of my life

Solid with ice, snow, numb

Unnatural Luciferian euphoria.

Sniffling Stalin.

Who gives a shit?

All talk and no action.

Useless, wasted product lives.

Hollow relationships and half-grams of cocaine hope

Are all that is left to rely on.

Jack Blare, Silver Chain (2016)