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Strange Times for Strange Minds

With little hesitation she informed me that we were not exclusive.

The idea suited me, being so tired of being tied up

In expectations and pointless conversations.

When next we met she made a quick decision.

I was wounded with shame and entranced by beauty.

It was a cold goodbye on the front porch.

Her last kiss sweet and sensuous, tinged with wintry strangeness.


The coffee was very good conversation. Usually I hate it.

Coffee is for grown-ups.

I admit that I was not prepared for the way her attention struck me,

Brought me in soaked in sweet honey and weakened my knees.

I admit I was not prepared for the way her bluebell eyes

With the subtle gold make-up drew me in, hypnotic.

I didn’t expect her to keep strolling into my thoughts

like I gave out a skeleton key.

Too old to be sentimental, yet still utterly fascinated in a wordless way.

Strange times for strange minds.

Strange minds out of time.

Jack Blare, Silver Chain (2016)


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