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Nosebleeds & Nobility

God is not here

And the weather is cold,

Veins icy rivers of tainted blood

Brain drained of dopamine.



Staying awake until our minds disintegrate

Into a beautiful Pandemonium

Of bright and nameless colours and subtle dream music.


Winter keeps the light away

So we don’t see our sunken eyes or sunken hopes.

Timeless under lightless ground

Life through machine and medication.


Everything is about either sex or money

And I’m not getting either

But I do enjoy this gentle slide

Into the shadow ether.


Desire poisoned and desperate,

Guilt a Murdered Crow on my shoulder,

Haunting every dream.

I just need to silence

The tortured screams of reality.

God is not here and we’re

Broken and fading.

Jack Blare, Intentional Insanity (2016)


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