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The Eternal Serpent Starves Itself

Everything is cyclical

And the only absolute

Is just a brand name for vodka.


I am a new moon,

Perpetual dreamer

Wandering the thin borders

Between a dozen worlds.

Stopped searching and just flowed

Slow, inexorable, unstoppable

St. Lawrence River with a ravaged soul.


Standing on the train tracks

Gazing out at the grey world

Beyond the end of the tunnel

With celestial eyes always closing,

Distant soldiers retreating from a Waterloo

Of life, light, lies and reality


Like little locomotives

We barrel along separate tracks,

Sometimes intersecting,

Sometimes slowing,

Sometimes crashing,

Forced evacuations

Ruined hopes and

Delayed ejaculations.


Welcome to the 21st century train

Step on and be bored,

Xanax and champagne

Peanuts and covered windows

There won’t be a chance to stop

Until you reach the end of the line.

Jack Blare, 2016


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