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I Hereby Renounce My Generation

Is it possible to renounce your generation like you can renounce your citizenship?”Millennials” suck. They react before thinking. They think 140 characters can properly express an idea. They champion LGBTQ causes and multiculturalism yet know nothing of the past surrounding it, no idea who Abbie Hoffman or John Sinclair ardor anything about the Black Panther Party & white chapter, the White Panthers and worse, they aren’t even curious. They have made being offended into a pastime. Lou Reed was called transphobic post-mortem for ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ of course anyone who knows who Lou was knows that the song was describing real people that he met, real events that happened. Candy Darling was famous. Not to mention he was in a long term relationship with a transgender individual. It is not against the law to offend people as long as its not hate speech but social media is turning into judge jury and executioner in an informal but universal ostracism for not following the new mores to a T. Suddenly pronouns are an issue. I look androgynous, I have long hair, I’ve been mistaken for a girl and it doesn’t offend me. They is a plural pronoun and implies some sort of collective hive mind or group. Give me a name or I’ll just point and say “hey you.” Of course there was a backlash, there always is, and that came in the form of the alt right and “proud boys” who felt their position in society was threatened so they got angry, lashed out, perfect recruits for hate groups, directionless white kids who think that they deserve more and that its the fault of Jews, women, homosexuals, immigrants. Anyone to blame for their troubles. The election was the primer for the explosion that followed. The divide between left and right, white and black has widened to a chasm. War hawks on either side chip away at the stone, hoping to start a fight or even a war for ideologies that they learned on racist youtube channels instead of from books. The left is either trapped in an echo bubble or busy arguing with other people on the left, more splitting. This is politics in the social media age. Pop politics. Twitter politics. Simple due to the limitation. Other people do the work and write the songs, only one gets credit.
Hipsters quote Burroughs, punks act like Iggy and dress like Sid Vicious but can’t stand watching a needle slide into somebody’s arm even though they constantly quote Trainspotting. I was deceived. I thought I’d found a pocket of real counterculture but they followed the education to work path and sidelined talent that could’ve changed lives in exchange for being “normal” but they still think they’re the cool kid from college who took risks and treated people right when really they’re on the other side of the desk now. Embracing everything they mocked mercilessly and shouting down opinions that you so often loudly espoused. Collages to uninventive memes. Experimental music, punk, no wave, replaced by vapourware. The electronic music scene’s answer to elevator music. Sons of rich fathers slumming it for fun. Then back to work or wife or whatever. I can’t stand watching people watch TV. So much potential pissed away and on the decline. For them morphine is a fun story that happened a couple times, I used it to turn everything into white noise and shadows. To kill a mental pain. Friends get fat, guts and beer bellies, chronic alcoholism that still thinks its superior to me for not using a needle. I never ended up outside naked covered in my own shit after a good fix, they can’t say the same, about 80 fluid ounces of hard liquor a night, cigarettes and cocaine. Rooms full of silent disconnected people absorbed by smart phones and other technology. Does it call? Does it text? Thats all I want. I don’t want to end up hooked on media like some people, always taking pictures of themselves. Narcissistic personality disorder, if this aint a symptom then what is? Lots of talk, opinions on anything. Do? Not so much. Government sanctioned, pre-approved protests inside pig pens of riot cops. Chanting slogans won’t change a damn thing except drive people away. We never grew up. Young forever and assured in our beliefs like children, easy to upset, forever immature and emotionally empty. But its time to move on, from this scene, this city, these drugs. Inspiration lies elsewhere now, and I am a poet to the death in a time when nobody even reads anymore. All sexuality no emotion, tension, building desire. Coffee and a fuck. Friends turned from adventurous hippies to pretentious hipsters, infinity sign tattoos and all. Cause they need outside validation, they are insecure. They are chameleons changing depending on the situation and the company. Deadbeat dads and burnouts that could have been rock stars. It was meaningless, the opportunity fades. I tried to live the regular boring life with a regular girlfriend and no drugs and it sucked. Enjoy the next 40 years of it. True love is for movies, my. love is unchained and nameless.
All that stupid punk, hippy, PC bullshit they spew, even their alternative music is mainstream. I aint a millennial. Generation Y.

Social Media is a Dive Bar

The digital age’s version of a crappy, all ages dive bar. Everyone is making up stories, embellishing stories & trying to seethe has the best story. Arguments are not weighted by truth or facts, merely by opinion & on how many other patrons happen to agree. A million people can be wrong.


Self-important assholes steeped in the disgusting swampy stew of their own narcissism try to talk over one another, getting louder & louder until it becomes a cacophony of loud, stupid voices. Look at me, look at me! Anything for the attention of total strangers. They will debase others, debase themselves, show each other pictures of cocks & tits in a vain search for validation.


Fights break out constantly over the most inconsequential points, folks turn rabid behind the safety of the screen, which acts as bouncer for this all ages loser’s club. You can barely understand a fucking word anyone says because they can’t even put together a proper sentence, let alone engage in civilized, intelligible conversation. There are regulars who sit there day & night until their asses can’t be distinguished from the material of the tacky stools they sit on.

Instead of bringing people together to relax, enjoy a beer with some friends & forging friendships with friends of friends who enjoy the same things it tears people apart with angry rants & atonal apologies, ripping apart real life relationships as people spit, hiss & snarl at each other, vying for attention from the mob.


Ostracism is back in force & if someone doesn’t follow the currently agreed upon values of society the pack descends on them & rips them to shreds without regard to truth or justice. Death threats, & personal information maliciously shared. The 21st century version of call Cathy for a good time scrawled in permanent marker on the bathroom stalls.


Its sickening to see how people act, how they could & would act given the chance. Mob justice with a five minute memory has people saying things they’d normally keep to themselves. Complex political issues are boiled down into single photos with propagandist slogans from all parts of the political spectrum.


If you do not conform to every single thing the mob wants they will beat you down, call you every name, discredit every word you say all in the name of free speech & equality, arguing about privilege while holding phones with internet access worth more than entire villages while the workers who mine, assemble, & dispose of the machines face unsafe conditions, late or unpaid wages & health problems can’t even afford the product they make. All so rich people can waste their time arguing over which one of them is the least privileged. You got a computer with internet access & electricity to power it? You’re fucking privileged.


The real poor & oppressed don’t get the chance to take part in these discussions. Their internet is censored. Criticize the government & they disappear. The money for internet, power, fucking cell phone plans has to go towards rent, paying debts, scoring dope, scrounging enough to feed their fucking family. It is a privilege to have the money & free time to argue about privilege. These opinion based discussions happen inside the bar, the truth decided by personal biases, the rest of the world is the homeless person begging for change outside. Click a like, sign a petition, join a group that aligns with your worldview & reject every other.


People take everything personally, just as drunks tend to do, they react angrily to perceived slights, just as drunks tend to do, they get loud & belligerent, trying to attract as much attention as possible, like peacocks doing whiskey shots & pontificating for their adoring “friends” who wait for the create to say something “wrong” & then start pecking & screeching & shitting on each other in an unbearable orgy of self-righteous narcissism. The floors are slick with blood, shit & spilled booze. The stench of stupidity is nauseating. I had to stagger outside & vomit up these words.

Social Media is a dive bar packed full of people drunk on themselves. For having social in the name you’d think it would promote some sort of unity but in reality being addicted to social media is an anti-social behaviour. Like alcoholics who don’t care who gets hurt when they drive home, people who are immersed in social media are selfish, even if they aren’t in reality. The self presented on Facebook is the ideal self, not the true self. Every interaction is between two or more idealized selves. The real self & online persona are different beings, but only one of them is real. Which are you?

To quote Tommy Lee Jones’ character in the 1997 film, Men in Black: “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.“

-Jack Blare, 2017