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Its Complicated

People like to distill social and political issues such as race, class and gender down to simple black and white good or evil, which in both cases tends to entirely misrepresent and distort issues. Absolutes like all or never are much simpler to grasp than the truth: that there are multiple angles for everything, no one or thing can be judged at a glance and small details are more important than we give them credit. This simplification is a useful tool when pushing politics or propaganda but the truth is rarely simple and our world grows more complex by the day. Nearly every rule has exceptions, a statement which is itself an oversimplification. It is for the reasons that we should question everything through as objective a viewpoint as we can get in this relative universe before drawing conclusions. This means that first hand experience is most important, followed by second and third hand sources. In a three dimensional world we must learn to think in three dimensions, to examine ideas and assertions from every angle with a critical gaze.

Ideally this method should be applied to all the information you receive. Senses can be tricked and memories fail so our minds fill in the blanks. That is why single eye-witness testimony is no longer enough to convict someone of a crime. Practicing the above is absolutely necessary if you want to know the real truth of things and not fall victim to the scam of political propaganda and extremism that will call on you to sacrifice your life or your beliefs, or to take someone else’s away based on lies, half-truths and manipulations. Don’t let yourself be a pawn or a puppet to advance the agendas of politicians or extremists on the left or right. That divide is an illusion too.

Jack Blare, 2018


Pop Politics

Critical thought,

History & fact

Are being assaulted by stupidity.

By ignorance.

Pop politics, play for the mob,

Play for a theory that makes no sense.

Reverse your entire stance on an issue

Based on a single opinion.

Dogmatic, subservient, unquestioning.

Start spreading their views like a virus.

Coasting on headlines & propaganda.

Pop politics are the number one genre in 2018.

Unqualified, uneducated people that trumpet political rhetoric

Without questioning the details.

They believe what makes them feel best.

What best fits their ideology ‘cause there’s always other crazy fuckers

With rifles & disregard for anyone that disagrees.


“For the greater good.” Has been used to explain too many atrocities.

Stick your fingers in your ears and hum loudly.

No one has any right to force their beliefs onto others.

To force their own family members to hide their bodies.

To be ashamed of their desires, to be forced into secrecy.

She betrayed everyone and everything she once believed in.

For a cause that causes cruelty.

You don’t get to have revenge on the innocent for your beliefs.


A controller, using people up like cigarettes.

Calling when they need something.

I know that game, its an addict’s game, opportunism.

You’ll put on a mask for a free fix.

Then you forget about them for months, years, until you need something.

If you were a junky or a meth addict I’d understand.

Swallow me whole, chew me to shreds if you want.

I know you couldn’t stomach me.

You’d OD from something I don’t even feel.

So fake, so false so bloody plastic.

Pop pretending to be punk.

Changing yourself for people instead of changing lives.

Changing yourself for a cause that discriminates.

That hates.

Targeting minorities who already suffer,

In overwhelming numbers.

Seeing people naked is natural.

Clothing didn’t come out of the womb.

If you can’t handle the sight of a naked penis or vagina

I suggest avoiding art galleries, like what you do with museums

Sex is natural. Masturbation is natural. Experimentation is natural.

Sex work is the oldest profession.

Ancient Rome had prostitutes of both sexes, and androgynous people,

They were an entire class.

Prostitution is not the selling of a body,

Its the selling of time.

You think they need your guiding shepherds hand?

Shit, now Lucy can’t fix so she gets dopesick, can’t get money so she steals

Gets caught and arrested. Goes to jail.

Because she lost her only source of income.

Let the veteran sex workers speak for themselves.

Read or hear first hand accounts.You want to help them?

Give them enough money to get out of the business.

Pay or lend them money. Don’t sit here and bitch.

I don’t know this because I utilize their services.

Never have, prefer sex with someone I’m at least close to.


So how do I know?

The kids turning tricks always know where to score.

A male prostitute penetrated my arm with a needle twice.

Its a bit erotic actually, then he pulls the tie and

All of a sudden I don’t give a shit about sex, death, pain, love, hate.

I don’t care about anyone or anything.

I am a perfect blank slate.

I felt pure bliss and now I’m paying for it.

But I never put anybody down for how they chose to dress

Or what their beliefs about sex are.


Robert Mapplethorpe’s ghost is pissing on you from a cloud.

You betrayed them both. Him and Patti.

I have lost my patience.

The Queen was overthrown, replaced by the Fuhrer.

She was a friend of mine until this coup,

I don’t know if she’s even alive.

I was once ‘Lord of the Freaks’ but that time has passed.

You had so much potential.

As a druis a geis of my own is cast.

The muses will abandon you forever if you follow this path.

-Jack Blare, 2018

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Ban Anti Trans Camps

A new trend has come to the ultra far left. While Russia unveils its new nuclear arsenal & far right groups gaining momentum worldwide the Radical Feminist Movement is now going to war with the trans community. Firstly, I thought radical feminists were pro-choice as in a person’s body belongs to them and shouldn’t be regulated by law. While the term mainly refers to abortions is it not any persons right to wear whatever clothes they desire, to take hormones should they so choose? I was told trans people are “playing dress up” because they’re “afraid to be gay”

This is where it gets interesting. I was debating a self-professed radical feminist & LESBIAN who was spreading this propaganda. I asked about intersex people and was not given an answer. She then told me that trans people just have a mental illness that needs to be corrected at certain facilities. Do you see the irony of a lesbian saying that? Not only are there no existing legitimate psychological therapies to deal with “gender dysmorphia” but the idea of these trans re-education camps is exactly the same thinking that created those “Pray the Gay Away” camps, notorious for their suicide rates & total failure. The most ironic part is that 60 years ago homosexuality was in the same Psychiatric Diagnostic manual.

The activists of Stonewall would be ashamed. They united against the common threat of oppression. I didn’t think I’d see the day when lesbians would discriminate against trans individuals. If gender is a social construction then refer to people using proper pronouns. I have’t heard the other side, they definitely aren’t as vocal but anyone desiring to send people  to trans re-education camps needs to see the parallels between that and the Southern Christians who abhor homosexuality. The DSM, the diagnostics book for western psychiatry changes over time to fit the times and incorporate new information. Homosexuality and masturbation were removed, why not gender dysphoria?

What if these people gain political power? Will they ban prescription hormones and have North Korea style detention centres? They won’t, radicals never do in Canada, but in America anything goes. No Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I don’t know if any of these places even exist, but this is just ridiculous and if they do become a reality I will personally campaign to shut them down. You’ve got Neo Nazis in America that hate you, KKK, and the world’s new emerging superpower has banned it in all of Russia. In Poland the largest far-right gathering in decades took place. I see people as individuals, not as groups. I try to debate and get an argument with personal attacks. If you did that in university you’d be out the door. I believe that everyone is equal and deserves the freedom to speak, worship or dress as they please. Our bodies should not be government regulated. Meaning we can do with them as we choose.

Slow reader?

Radical lesbian feminist suggests re-education camps for trans people in the mold of Pray the Gay away camps in the Bible Belt. She calls it a mental disorder to be cured, 60 years ago they thought that about homosexuality. Things change. This campaign of anger only further divides the fragile and fragmented left. The nazi filth will gain power, or at least weird influence while former allies squabble over stupid things. PUBLIC means everyone is welcome. If you want a segregated party then rent out some space. Its what the other extremists have to do.

Sex positivity and sex work are not evil. By characterizing them like that it makes every prostitute out to be a junkie tied to a pimp with violent customers. I know a few prostitutes personally, male & female. It is also spitting on the feminists before you who used their sexuality as a weapon. Who marched for the right to bare their breasts in public. I’m lucky enough to be friends with one of the prominent ones. Out of my current and former friends thats five prostitutes, two trans individuals, two girls that protested in support of the right to take their shirts off,  and one who has been at the vanguard of the true movement since 1977. Thats 10 friends that are now. considered anathema to the Radical Feminist Movement. How many of these people actually spoke to prostitutes and escorts?

This is in no way an attack on feminism or lesbians. This is directed at those individuals that prefer segregation-esque policies and have a poor knowledge of their own history and wish to force their beliefs on others.

Jack Blare, 2018


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La Grande Terreur

In this climate of hatred, distrust and accusation no matter what you say can & will be construed as offensive by somebody.

For example: Statement: “The sky is “blue.  Response: “Only on clear days. Blind people can’t see the sky at all, this statement discriminates against people allergic to the sun, the blind and colour blind by forcing sighted values on those with impaired or non-existant sight. If you had any sense you should just self-immolate and die you worthless pile of human refuse.”

It doesn’t matter what the fuck you say at this point. Someone is going to take pleasure in becoming offended by it. I’m sure this has already pissed off like six people so fuck it. Who cares?

Injecting drugs is awesome. It feels fucking great and I did it for years. Its safer than smoking cigarettes. Vegans can’t wear condoms or take most pills. A raw food diet is less healthy than a crack habit. I’ve met smarter drunks & junkies than professors. The makeup industry was created by women to exploit other women all the while testing their products on chimpanzees. Same thing with perfume & fashion. You know who determines fashion trends? Fashion journalists. I was one & I just described outfits from magazine and album covers that I found laying around. I worked for a well-known website. Its all bullshit. How much of the news do you think is real and how much is a bunch of crap scraped together into a story so they can keep their fucking jobs. Amazon reviews? Product reviews? All paid for by the companies that make the product. I know this because I write the content. Its all a big fucking lie & you people swallow it like Percocet then pay for more.

If you can read this you are more privileged than most people in the world. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” he or she. Bloody sexist bible but what the fuck would I know about that? Its not like I went to college, read the Bible, the Quran, Voltaire & Baudelaire or spend my free time reading or writing about history, politics & literature. What a waste of time that was since everyone with a fucking computer thinks that they’re a goddamn professor.

We are not all born equal, we don’t have equal opportunities. Some of us come out in hospitals, some in rat-infested hell-holes. Some born addicted to crack or Dilaudid. Some born with white skin & a cock in rich ass Canada. Some born with HIV in sub-saharan Africa. “Don’t teach girls to defend themselves at night, teach boys not to rape.” I think most sane mothers don’t go on instilling rapist values in their children, but most mother’s aren’t sane. Rape is a criminally & sexually deviant behaviour. It falls in with do not kill or mutilate others. These aren’t people that can be taught. “Lets teach Jimmy not to take drugs. Lets teach Jimmy not to be a rapist. Lets teach Jimmy not to stab Billy to death and eat his intestines.” These aren’t sane individuals.

It would be a wonderful world if we could teach our kids not to steal, cheat, lie & take drugs. Not to kill each other, but we’ve been trying that one for a few thousand years & yet there are still new little sex offenders getting squeezed out every few minutes. Its been a capital crime in most countries, kingdoms, & empires in the past. It should be a capital crime now. The problem is that you can’t teach someone that is fundamentally flawed & unable to control their sexual impulses to be a productive member of society. Not without employing a sort of preemptive pavlovian Clockwork Orange-esque classical conditioning that would be no better from a moral standpoint. Everyone should know how to protect themselves. Do you think if Ted Bundy’s mom gave him daily “don’t rape” lessons he would have been a civil servant instead? I’m pretty sure she beat him daily but it doesn’t seem to have helped him be a better person.

A sexual predator is just that. A predator. Like a starving bear, or a rabid wild dog. It does not respond to reason. It understands pain & it understands fear.


Get Woke

is one of the stupidest fucking phrases currently in use by today’s youth including my own moronic generation. ‘Wake up’ wasn’t good enough for us. While y’all was getting woke there are those of us who haven’t bothered going sleep yet. Insomniacs & tweakers peering out at the ugly dawn world from between the blinds, cursing ourselves for being too right too soon. There is no point in trying to write the perfect dystopian novel anymore, take a look around and you’ll see that we’re already living in one.

Jack Blare. 2018