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Generation F

I’ve never been pleased to be born in this time. Born just far enough past the peak to remember what things were like before the decline. I learned handwriting in school. When we got a computer lab the students and teachers were on the same page. Then cell phones and internet became a thing, myspace and photoshop. With all the world’s information at our fingertips we should be more intelligent than at any point in history. Instead we use it to jerk off and argue about pointless shit instead of actually getting off our collective asses and doing something about it. Facebook, twitter, Tumblr. Images of the people we want to be perceived as are projected for the world to see. We became dependent.

I am the last remaining member of my group of friends who uses their cell phone only as a phone. Walk into a room nowadays and there are six people staring at their phones for different things, completely silent. Its like walking into a heroin den, everyone has their fix and is nodded out of reality in their own world. Heroin makes sense though, more than social media ever did. Just as Orwell warned in 1984, the book everyone talks about but no one seems to have fucking read, our language is being simplified, cut up and shortened at a pace unnatural to linguistics. How do you express your thoughts without language? Within a few decades people have reverted to using pictograms. Seems innocent at first but when we reduce our language to such simplicity, expression of complex abstract thought becomes impossible.

In the early 20th century a man like Trump would never be elected to anything. He is loved for his simplicity. Policy in 140 characters or less. When Abraham Lincoln gave speeches on the campaign trail thousands of people would show up and listen to him talk, some lasting upwards of six hours. Now nobody has the attention span to listen to a six hour speech about politics. At best they watch the news, which is barely more than a collection of hand picked images and soundbites. Trump could not stand up and give a six hour speech about policy. He can’t go five minutes without repeating himself. When he does speak it comes out disjointed, muddled and repetitive. Trump’s presidency is a symptom of the West’s collective stupidity and inability to pay attention. Nixon lost to Kennedy because it was the first year that debates were televised for the nation. Nixon, for all his faults, was a good speaker but not on camera, especially compared to his younger opponent. Thats the moment when politics became about image and spin instead of content. Lincoln would never be elected today because he worked on cultivating his policies rather than his image. Trump is all image, transparent but he represents the future: lazy, ignorant, self-obsessed & stupid.

I was informed recently that I come off as condescending. It was much more awkwardly phrased than that, the word was used improperly and it came to me that now just being competent in speaking and writing in the language I grew up with is considered condescension. This is how I speak. I don’t have a university degree but I can read and write English. This was from someone pushing thirty. In Europe being fluent in multiple languages is common. Here some people aren’t fluent in any. I understand that not everyone finds reading and writing as natural as myself and there are circumstances such as poverty that can effect learning. I don’t understand why someone from an upper middle class family who graduated from the same high school I did can’t follow what I’m saying. If regular speech comes off as condescension then you’re just ignorant and should probably work on reading comprehension. These aren’t technical terms.

I see many of the people I graduated high school with becoming teachers while posting grammatically incorrect, misspelled statements on facebook. How do you have hope for the future when the teachers themselves don’t understand what they’re teaching? You have to teach yourself if you want to learn now. That smart phone can be used to look up facts and information. The trend of anti-intellectualism is even spreading to postsecondary institutions which have become businesses first and schools second, placing profit above properly paid professors and student education.

It always really confuses me when people make things upon lie blatantly on the internet. It takes me 0.5 seconds to open a new internet window and only a few seconds more to verify most facts. I fact check myself when making points I’m not certain of. With the whole world at your fingertips ignorance is no longer an excuse for error. If you’re in doubt about something look it up, don’t make it up.

You go to a concert now, head banging at the front of the stage and people around you get upset for jostling them as they try to get the perfect picture. If you want a picture buy a poster, if you want to experience things do it through your eyes instead of a camera. If its important you’ll remember it.

The sheer ignorance of the average citizen is astounding. How can we call this a democracy when most people don’t know the policies of their preferred candidate? Its more like rolling the dice and hoping for the best. Its driving me crazy. This is Generation F for failure. Failure to learn, failure to care, failure to empathize failure to stop the past from repeating itself. Failure to produce great works of art, music & literature. Failures at making the world any better. Arrogant, oversensitive, image obsessed, immature and incurious. People openly fly a flag my grandfather spent six years of his life fighting to take down. We fear what we don’t know and hate what we fear. If we don’t go out of our way to learn about our world, if we allow ignorance, fear and hate to grow unchecked as it is then we’re doomed to repeat the past. I have always stood against that flag, the emblem of fascism Hitler stole and defaced into a mockery of its meaning. I’ve always stood against it and everything it represents: oppression, racism, sexism, anti-intellectualism, anti-socialism, anti-semetism, censorship, genocide.

In Hitler’s Germany it was not the Jews or the communists that were targeted first, it was the German people. Aktion-T4 was the name of the program that began mass killing of the disabled, deformed, mentally ill, senile, drug addicted, alcoholic & “work shy” citizens. The T4 doctors were the architects of industrial scale murder and this is where they began. With people like me. Unashamedly mentally ill, a former addict, a social critic, writer and democratic socialist. I have always stood against the Nazi flag and I will take up arms if it ever threatens to rise here.

We are living in a dystopia. No one seems to get that we’re already there. They have the tools to find out anything about anyone. The greatest threat to totalitarianism is education, real education. Either arm yourself or stick your head into the digital sand like the rest of Gen F.

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Hate Trackers is A Propaganda Website Promoting Intolerance Under the Facade of “Anti Hate”

This is what I found when I read the Hate Trackers article Mystical Illusions (no author credited) Their articles make a lot of assumptions and amount to little more than propaganda, despite the positive intentions behind the movement. The Bias starts with the title. As someone who hates and is hated by Nazis I do agree with most of what they’re saying. As someone who studied journalism though, its a biased piece without sources or any specific direction to it other than to make people dislike the individuals mentioned. “Records indicate Benner met her in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she was attending ” What records? Who provided them? I realize I’m playing devil’s advocate here but a fair and unbiased media is necessary for democracy to survive. We shouldn’t lower our standards of media just because we agree with what the author is saying. There are no direct sources to speak of and I found the following to be problematic “However, the outlaw biker clubs are considered criminal gangs. They’re always attached to violence, drug sales, and ex-cons…future ones too.” Making sweeping negative generalizations about groups of people is exactly what Nazis do. I know several bikers, and have seen many “outlaw bikers” who wear anti-swaztika patches and tattoos. Yes there are white supremacist bikers, no question. But if I’m getting into a fight I’d want the anti-Nazi outlaw bikers on my side. All this is gonna do is piss them off. Why do they not have any quotes from the Wiccans or even a staff member? How did they get all this inside info on this particular group’s recruitment methods? Who provided it? “Lyanna could’ve been underage during the time of the nuptials.” Okay she could have been many things, but was she or was she not underage? Thats fairly important. If you’re a journalist and don’t know its better not to mention what might have occurred and focus on what can be verified. I understand I’ll probably be disliked for this viewpoint but people deserve to know the full truth, not scraps and hints from unnamed people. “outlaw bikers are never without their guns, knives, and clubs. They tend to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol, while carrying those weapons, and ready for a fight.” This is just stereotyping potential allies and alienating drug addicts or alcoholics, including recovering ones. I was an addict, that line tells me that no matter what I do to stand up to injustices I will still be viewed as a filthy junkie. “He’s also a graduate of drug court, which is a program used to try to keep people out of prison after their addictions turned to criminality.” -pretty much another middle finger at addicts and other disadvantaged people. No relevance to the preceding paragraph but tacked on to show that nazis are bad because they go to 12 step meetings? Not because they support ethnic cleansing and genocide? “Ackerman hails from Austin, Texas where his criminal record includes the manufacturing, delivery, sell, and possession of narcotics.” -Spelling error and yet another dig at the addicts. They finish with a random fact about Timothy Mcveigh, the OKC Bomber who was not a nazi, though still a horrible person that was executed years ago. Why is he relevant to a nazi tattoo shop? And to round it off “Note: After Hate Trackers did its intelligence report on the Proud Boys of Oklahoma a number of people associated with them threatened to send Ackerman to hurt us.” Why didn’t they publish the threats in full or even an excerpt? They don’t have anything to lose. For years its been the drunks, the punks and the junkies actually fighting these people while polite society sat on its ass and let this happen. Its a shame that a website claiming to be against hate is using the media ingrained disgust of drug users, bikers and alcoholics as a recruiting tool. It is poorly written, devoid of first hand sources and includes irrelevant material. This would not have made it on to a college paper, I doubt it would even be accepted by a professor as a practice piece. From a personal standpoint: screw nazis, nazi sympathizers and people who believe themselves better than others and judge what they do not understand. Its a very fascist mindset for people who claim to be against hate. Try the Associated Press or your local paper, or even give it a shot yourselves. Verify facts, call phone numbers, publish everything they send you and get direct quotes with first and last names as well as age and why their opinion is significant to the article. Those things are what separate factual journalism from propaganda and advertisement. Don’t tell me bikers are dangerous, reference an event that supports the conclusion and above all try not to alienate massive swaths of the population while asking for money at the same time. I would like to remind the staff of Hate trackers that bikers, alcoholics and drug addicts both former and current are all people that you just insulted. I would like to remind them that drug use and alcoholism is very co-morbid with mental illness. I want to know if anyone at Hate Trackers has ever heard of Aktion T4. I would not be surprised if they hadn’t.

Jack Blare, 2018

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I hate this society and its arbitrary values so set apart from my world. I think that people as a whole are selfish, greedy, cruel and short sighted yet I still support free healthcare, subsidized housing and relief for the poor and the homeless. Individually or in little groups humanity can be great, but put ‘em into a crowd and they become just another dumb grass eating herd, stupid, unpredictable and occasionally violently destructive. Social media and the internet have created the largest herds of all time. Follow do not question says the majority. We’re wrecking our own houses and soon its going to be unliveable. So why do I care? I don’t know. That answer is for my poetic self, not my logical self. Maybe one day people will really change. One day we’ll see in technicolour instead of black and white. Because even if I lose at least I can say that I fought, and fought for the side of the strung out, spun out, tripped out, schizophrenics, suicide survivors, madmen and prophets. The Goddess of Noise. That I spoke for the muted damned, uncounted fallen angels with track marks in leather jackets covered in NOFX, Misfits and Dead Kennedys patches, broken glass scars and hypodermic safety pins.

Jack Blare, 2018

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Dystopia 2018

Jack London warned us, then Huxley & Orwell, Ginsberg, Kurt Vonnegut, Anthony Burgess, Phillip K. Dick, Hunter S. Thompson, Lydia Lunch and Warren Ellis to name just a few. Even I warned about it, for the past eleven years. Born into the last generation that will remember what things were like before everything changed, before the world went digital, before cellphones were popular, right before the internet, years before social media and just prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Despite all the warnings progress for profit pushed on & now we’re all hooked up like IV lines to our phones & internet. Most people don’t notice, some don’t care & some see it, hate it but can’t pull the plug. We are living in A Brave New world, its 13 o’clock, year of Our Ford 1984, computers & phones can listen to us, pretend to be off while recording. We have pain rays and devices that can map out the interior of a house from the street. Facial recognition, biometric data. Our internet history is logged, locations pinpointed, advertisements targeted. Cameras film nearly every street, bystanders film everything else. Cars can be hacked into and controlled remotely. There are reports of technology that can transfer thought into sound. I wish these were just conspiracy theories but it looks as though true privacy is going to become a relic of the past unless you choose to entirely disconnect yourself from society. If you want to see a dystopian society most of us just need to walk out our doors. Designer drugs, fluorescent fashion, widespread addiction to drugs, porn and technology, constant surveillance, wilfully provided private information shared with multiple parties, increasing violent attacks by disaffected youths. A police service that protects their own interests at society’s expensive & serve as a kind of corporate paramilitary. They protect windows from being smashed and pepper spray unarmed protesters. Property uber alles. We’re in the shadow of the Iron Heel, spiralling into ignorance & indifference. The iron fist is closing around the Western world, though we can still escape its grasp now, each day the grip gets stronger.

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Out of Step With Time

The world keeps getting stranger and more surreal every day. Like a Phillip K. Dick novel and I’m on Substance D. Artificial intelligence, the death of privacy. Designer drugs & addiction sweeping across the nation. Hover bikes, self-driving cars, pain rays. Pills that track patient compliance, subcutaneous credit implants. The future doesn’t look too utopian.

The future seems to have happened yesterday, like it bypassed us. Technology has outpaced humanity. We all carry around little electrical devices all connected to each other that track us and perform hidden calculations. New medicines and surgical techniques along with skyrocketing suicide rates. If my generation is entitled then the one to come is entirely cut off from reality. Whole subcultures of disaffected youth thrive and fester online until eventually they start to manifest themselves in bloody massacres.

Otherkin is the next scientology. Never before have I seen anyone so blindly faithful to their beliefs in the face of absolute incredibility except maybe L. Ron Hubbard’s Sea Org. They’ll be pushing for schools and tax exempt status next. Then the church of otherkin will break off into factions of its own. “The third fiction kin church of copyright violations.” Its like Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis, there’s a newer, crazier religion popping up every day. One step forward, three steps back. Nationalism its reaching levels not seen since the 1930′s. Any student of history knows how that plays out. Despite all of our “advances” people seem to be as violent and discontented as ever. The rich buy the next high tech device and the homeless can’t even afford to get a fix of the drugs the doctors started him on.

The rawness and authenticity has gone out of our lives forever. This is a world of the plastic and digital, as insubstantial as virtual reality. We’re addicted to the drugs & alcohol but we depend on our technology to get through the day. Phone as fifth limb, must be charged regularly thus restricting human movement to places equipped with electricity, caffeine and free wifi. We are like infants, unable to control or comprehend. Language is the foundation of rational thought, when we degrade language we degrade thought. Brave New World. Kingdom of Hell. Just because one person, or group of people have suffered more than another does not mean that others suffer less. Just because there are people missing a leg it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt when someone else breaks theirs.

Jack Blare, 2018

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Alien Nation

I don’t know why I bother. Screwed without the meds I need. Last time I was off them I ended up in the hospital in handcuffs with what they would have termed multiple -self-inflicted lacerations, if they had bothered to take off my coat. I didn’t even get a single goddamn alcohol swab to disinfect, they just closed on their own eventually, though the scars are still easily visible. Well over 100 & then I stopped bothering to count. Psychiatrists or family doctors won’t help because I don’t want to take seroquel. Could be because I’m autistic, not psychotic, I need anxiety treatment & seroquel is more sedating than a shot of heroin. Stuck in the grey area of suboxone, weed & occasional lines of free cocaine. I said that the doctors have become the dealers but the truth is they were always dealers. Pushers. I never had anyone push morphine or meth on me like they pushed Zoloft, Paxil, Seroquel, Celexa. My serotonin levels have been chemically altered since age 11. I am a product of a drug company & a complacent, idiotic society.

Want to know why Trump won? Because the left became so divided over semantic issues & infighting about privilege, race & sexuality. We police language more than we do politicians. No one says the word “nigger” anymore but cops still shoot unarmed black kids every god damn day. Trans rights are growing, we have trans athletes, politicians, actors but they still don’t know who murdered the girl in that Toronto ravine. We vilify the convenient. Louis C.K. is a fucking pervert & the news is all over it. Karla Homolka is free, walking around, having a family while deep in the evidence lockers there’s a video of her and Paul torturing, raping & murdering her own teenage sister. Why are we not outraged at that too? Digital society has the memory span of a goldfish. Trump doesn’t know much but he knows how easily his supporters, or the rest of the world forgets. Despite the Weinstein fallout this admitted sexual predator holds the highest office in a decaying superpower & no one can do a fucking thing, if they even remember.

Journalism school taught me a lot. Mainly that I don’t want to be a journalist but also that the most important information is between the lines. Everything has a bias. The way you word something can change its meaning entirely. You can make insinuations without outright saying what you mean, influence  the way people interpret information by putting it in a certain way. Quotes & photographs taken out of context are frequently used this way. John Lennon’s “bigger than Jesus” quote being the most famous example. How many people actually read the whole article?

This is alienation, anomie in the digital sense. I am nothing. I am nobody. One of billions. I’m not writing this for you, for anyone. I’m just screaming into a screen. I don’t trust anyone, especially myself. I’m bleeding my anger here so I don’t bleed it out in reality. I keep a box of vintage, yet perfectly sharp razor blades in my breast pocket. My cat died last week & I liked him more than any of you. Why couldn’t it have been me? Why do I survive intentional self-destruction and others around me just die. I want out, god do I want out. I love my friends but I don’t trust them & I don’t matter much to them. I only really trust two, maybe even just one. I’d hate to cause them pain but they’ll get over it. I think I’ll talk to the doc about switching to methadone. Supposedly its more addictive, more sedating, & more dangerous. That sounds perfect to me. The Johnny Thunders method. Born to lose. Its a lot harder to lose than it is to win.

Jack Blare, -2017

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Artistic Sin

How do we judge art from the past? Is it correct to judge it by the mores of the current society, or should it be understood in the context of the period it was created? Classical Roman art and legends persisted long after they adopted Christianity, but the pagan temples and anything associated with worshipping the former gods was stripped of its power and the buildings were repurposed. Now we recognize writers like Virgil and Cicero as geniuses but to early Christians they must have seemed like heretics. It took close to a thousand years for those works to be distributed again in the Christian West. Some think the Christians are wrong for burning and destroying so many pagan Roman historical, poetic and religious texts. Christians think the Romans were wrong for practicing idolatry. Is temporal relativism plausible? The dead can’t advocate for their work so our views of the past are inherently biased towards the mores of modern society. Is this ethical? Should we take temporal relativism into account or assume by virtue of passing time a more recent society is more sophisticated?
This is a song by the generally progressive, equal rights supporting feminist punk icon, Patti Smith. Listen and decide for yourself if temporal relativism is real or not and if it matters at all. Is this just racism or punk rock using the metaphor of “outside of society” to describe the black person’s oppression at that time in America? Will this song erase or damage Patti’s legacy in the future? Should it be judged by its lyrics, musical skill and ingenuity, both or none? What do you think?

from the “Natural Born Killers” soundtrack originally recorded in 1978 on the album Easter