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Dystopia 2018

Jack London warned us, then Huxley & Orwell, Ginsberg, Kurt Vonnegut, Anthony Burgess, Phillip K. Dick, Hunter S. Thompson, Lydia Lunch and Warren Ellis to name just a few. Even I warned about it, for the past eleven years. Born into the last generation that will remember what things were like before everything changed, before the world went digital, before cellphones were popular, right before the internet, years before social media and just prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Despite all the warnings progress for profit pushed on & now we’re all hooked up like IV lines to our phones & internet. Most people don’t notice, some don’t care & some see it, hate it but can’t pull the plug. We are living in A Brave New world, its 13 o’clock, year of Our Ford 1984, computers & phones can listen to us, pretend to be off while recording. We have pain rays and devices that can map out the interior of a house from the street. Facial recognition, biometric data. Our internet history is logged, locations pinpointed, advertisements targeted. Cameras film nearly every street, bystanders film everything else. Cars can be hacked into and controlled remotely. There are reports of technology that can transfer thought into sound. I wish these were just conspiracy theories but it looks as though true privacy is going to become a relic of the past unless you choose to entirely disconnect yourself from society. If you want to see a dystopian society most of us just need to walk out our doors. Designer drugs, fluorescent fashion, widespread addiction to drugs, porn and technology, constant surveillance, wilfully provided private information shared with multiple parties, increasing violent attacks by disaffected youths. A police service that protects their own interests at society’s expensive & serve as a kind of corporate paramilitary. They protect windows from being smashed and pepper spray unarmed protesters. Property uber alles. We’re in the shadow of the Iron Heel, spiralling into ignorance & indifference. The iron fist is closing around the Western world, though we can still escape its grasp now, each day the grip gets stronger.

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The Republican Regime

New alt-right propaganda is trying to create a backlash for the recent protests, boos and ejections of Republican Party officials from restaurants. Evidently I’m supposed to feel bad for these well-dressed, well-educated upper class white Americans for getting booed out of a restaurant. One person went as far as to complain that Republicans would soon be forced into the back of busses a la Rosa Parks. I’m supposed to feel bad for these arrogant, racist sycophantic scum while they rip apart families and drug children into silence and shove them into concentration camps where they all wear orange like prisoners. They are prisoners and the crime was that their parents wanted a better life for them.

Oh no, those poor overpaid & corrupt republican politicians! Its cool for them to rip apart families and give children 18 drug cocktails to keep them quiet but god forbid someone harasses them in public! How do you support a regime that is anti immigrant, anti-Canadian but pro Russia and North Korea? One that constantly lies, goes back on its promises and insults its closest allies and trading partners?  The last president to ask if he could pardon himself was Nixon during Watergate. If he has nothing to hide then why is he asking if he can pardon himself? Why should I as a Canadian care about some republicans getting harassed when they openly support an authoritarian dicktator who believes in tax cuts for the rich while canceling programs that brought food to people too old or disabled to leave their homes, especially since our economy is going to be hit hard by this trade war?

I care about as much for the Republican Party as I do about the people who were hung at Nuremberg. If their policies applied up here my family wouldn’t have a house due to medical expenses alone. Inciting violence & hate? The Trump regime is now in control, and hence responsible for the activities of the army, navy and intelligence sources. They already botched a raid in a country they officially weren’t supposed to be in (Niger) and U.S. troops paid with their lives. They won’t do anything about gun control even though you’re more likely to be shot as an American student than a deployed soldier. You can’t compare political affiliation to race.

They chose to be in that party and they can leave it whenever they want. You can’t resign from being black. Now I’m supposed to have sympathy for politicians who tear families apart like the Nazis did, imprison children and use psychiatry to keep people quiet just like the Soviet Union did. Maybe I’d care if they did, if they were innocent, but they’re not. Even their silence makes them complicit in the  nepotism, multiple conflicts of interest & outright racist ideals that have characterized this regime. Even Fox News called 45 a dictator.

Canada has no place for such people and continuing to support them while they insult our national pride, lie about our trade deficits & surpluses & start trade wars which will just damage both economies. Our policies of freedom of religion, legal marijuana, separation of church & state, abortion clinics & universal healthcare are completely at odds with Republican Party values of NRA Jesus, creationism, misogyny & racism. They are the party the KKK, neo-Nazis and religious extremists vote for. Even the newly elected conservative premier of Ontario has denounced them, despite being one of the most right wing politicians in the nation.

A threat to our economy is a threat to our daily lives. True North Strong and Free. We will defend that freedom and our rights with our lives if need be. I stand with no party but I know I don’t stand with the Republicans. What they’re doing is exactly like the Nazis & Italians did, then the Soviets after them. At this point it is wrong NOT to speak against the republican regime, let alone try and support them. Americans are not our enemies, but this regime oppressing them is. I will not be silenced. I’ll keep writing until they drag me away and execute me if needs be. My grandfather did not fight six years in the blood & mud of Europe just to have it swept away by some neo-fascist right wing autocracy.

-Jack Blare

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Temporal Relativism

Similar to the concept of cultural relativism, it means regarding history through the mindset of the majority of the population at a certain time period and trying to understand their actions in the context of the time that they lived, not only through our 20/20 hindsight. The concept is unrelated to the science of temporal relativity. -Jack Blare, 2018

A lot of modern day practices have their roots in slavery & war but in time the meanings have changed and evolved. Now people see it as giving a little extra in return for good service. Now its considered impolite if you don’t offer a tip. Or when people refer to one another as “man” I guarantee that they aren’t thinking about it as a way to assert black rights. Black people called each other “man” in retaliation for being called “boy” by white people. Eventually it evolved into a term that is widely used. Just as we must understand cultural relativism we also need to consider temporal relativism. The fact that tipping originated from racial oppression is an interesting historical fact but no longer relevant in that it has taken on a new meaning separate from its origins. Like the song ‘Summertime, the living is easy’ most famously covered by Janis Joplin and referenced by Sublime refers to the fact that it was easier for slaves to pick cotton because it grew high in the summer and they didn’t have to crouch to pick it. Does this mean I’m going to stop enjoying that song, never tip or refer to people as man? No. Many modern practices had dark beginnings but have developed and changed as society has. At one point every group was an oppressor and in turn was oppressed. The Egyptians oppressed the Jews, the Jews massacred the Philistines, then they were captives in Babylon until the Roman Empire took overJerusalem, Egypt was also conquered, first by Alexander, then Caesar who conquered England, then Rome was conquered by the Goths, Christianity became the state religion and they looted the old temples to build new & lavish churches. Rome withdrew from England which was then conquered by the Saxons followed by the Vikings, followed by the Normans, then in turn England conquered Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We should not forget that these things happened but responsibility is not inherited. White skinned Russian serfs were emancipated only two years before the American emancipation of their slaves. Condemning the acts of the long dead is pointless. We should learn from the past to improve the future & present. History is never black and white and the sins of the father are not passed down to the son. I don’t believe in original sin or that people must atone for the actions of their long-dead ancestors. People have oppressed one another since the dawn of civilization, if we hold on to the prejudices of the past the wounds will never heal.

-Jack Blare

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Taste the whip, a love not given lightly

Taste the whip, a love not given lightly

A hand offered in reconciliation

Comes back burnt and bitten.

Advice asked, advice given, never taken

Then they act in opposition.

Lydia Lunch spoke the truth when she said

You can’t save anyone from themselves.”

And we are always our own worst enemies,

Knowing every weakness, crack & tiny flaw.

Like greedy jewel peddlers we examine our lives

Through a variety of special lenses,

Pull them from their homes in the dark

Cut them to pieces, torture them until they shine bright.

Seeking any flaw, however small, to save them some coin on the buy.

I think I care more about pills than people.

Pills are there when none of your friends are.

When the so-called progressives treat ya as a lower class junkie

And as a source for their own fix.

Like bloody-nosed paradoxes that talk & talk about nothing.

We are the scum of the earth, hated for loving our god so much.

No matter the culture the non-addict looks down on the addict.

By nature it must be experienced firsthand.

Not a half g of coke on the weekends, or even every day.

I mean you wake up when you need to use,

The first thing you do is fix.

The last thing you do is fix.

You end up using just to avoid getting sick.

In the end there’s no pleasure in this.

Morpheus drags you down with that holy rush of a kiss

That leaves you slumped against bathroom walls

Gasping for air, content or dead & you don’t need to score anymore.

For your lover & master is here.

(title from Venus in Furs by The Velvet Underground & Nico)

-Jack Blare, March 2018

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I gave up on true love a long time ago.

Like I gave up the idea that schooling & intelligence were related.

That what goes around comes around,

That bad people suffer for their sins.

That good people hold out their hands for nothing.

Now I am free to love who I please.

That its always now or never &

If it isn’t worse than cotton fever or handcuffs from real cops,

Than watching your grandparents, father, family & pets die

Right before your eyes.

Than the looks of disgust I get from strange girls at parties

When they see my tracks & scars.

When your first kiss never wants to speak to you again.

You never do & never know why.

Like when they find the dope, or hear you making love.

When these things happen enough times you find out how silly it was

That they mattered at all.

To be shy to walk around barefoot, to dive into a kiss.

To tell people your fantasies without fear.

To toss aside the baggage of being young, mentally ill & addicted,

Peel off the label & spend the day in bed with a beautiful girl.

Because the pleasure of a single touch can outweigh the finest heroin

When its from finger of a lover, the lips, the tongue.

The bed, the floor, the grass & dirt become altars to Aphrodite.

I want to anoint you in oil & listen to Sonic Youth records.

You can smoke a joint while I kiss the arches of your feet, the ankle, the heel.

Working my way inch by inch to where fire & water meet.

Until you tremble, only my breath warm and near you,

Opening a delicate flower, I inhale the fragrance of fertility,

So slowly I lick. You say “Mhm!” and push your hips into the air.

A teasing brushstroke, hot, wet, fingers exploring heaven.

Taking me out, all ready, even clear liquid drips from the tip

So warm in your hand. Like a tear of lust, tear of jewelled desire

You kiss it so gently my breath is slow motion

I have a humming of angels inside as you lavish me with attention,

I can’t go back, there is no one like you in the past

Your yellow shift, short hair & peeking nipples.

Bare legs & feet, unpolished toenails.

I want all of you at once.

What kind of beautiful madness is this?

Jack Blare, 2017

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Man is Mortal

By- Pijush Kanti Deb

In my soft childhood
my father, teachers and others-
all were hard in saying to me,
‘’Man is mortal’’,
I accepted
looking at the kite flying in the sky.
Now I am an adult but confused
made by one of my friends-
a scientist, a user of inductive process
in putting two and two together
for any brain-beating matter,
who regrets for all those unknown men
living outside his known orbit
far away in the caves of mountains
and the darkness of unexplored forest,
whether mortal or immortal-
just an unanswered query to him
and is reluctant to accept the proposition,
‘’Man is mortal’’
and happy in hearing my clapping
on his thoughtful logic against the proposition.