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Generation F

I’ve never been pleased to be born in this time. Born just far enough past the peak to remember what things were like before the decline. I learned handwriting in school. When we got a computer lab the students and teachers were on the same page. Then cell phones and internet became a thing, myspace and photoshop. With all the world’s information at our fingertips we should be more intelligent than at any point in history. Instead we use it to jerk off and argue about pointless shit instead of actually getting off our collective asses and doing something about it. Facebook, twitter, Tumblr. Images of the people we want to be perceived as are projected for the world to see. We became dependent.

I am the last remaining member of my group of friends who uses their cell phone only as a phone. Walk into a room nowadays and there are six people staring at their phones for different things, completely silent. Its like walking into a heroin den, everyone has their fix and is nodded out of reality in their own world. Heroin makes sense though, more than social media ever did. Just as Orwell warned in 1984, the book everyone talks about but no one seems to have fucking read, our language is being simplified, cut up and shortened at a pace unnatural to linguistics. How do you express your thoughts without language? Within a few decades people have reverted to using pictograms. Seems innocent at first but when we reduce our language to such simplicity, expression of complex abstract thought becomes impossible.

In the early 20th century a man like Trump would never be elected to anything. He is loved for his simplicity. Policy in 140 characters or less. When Abraham Lincoln gave speeches on the campaign trail thousands of people would show up and listen to him talk, some lasting upwards of six hours. Now nobody has the attention span to listen to a six hour speech about politics. At best they watch the news, which is barely more than a collection of hand picked images and soundbites. Trump could not stand up and give a six hour speech about policy. He can’t go five minutes without repeating himself. When he does speak it comes out disjointed, muddled and repetitive. Trump’s presidency is a symptom of the West’s collective stupidity and inability to pay attention. Nixon lost to Kennedy because it was the first year that debates were televised for the nation. Nixon, for all his faults, was a good speaker but not on camera, especially compared to his younger opponent. Thats the moment when politics became about image and spin instead of content. Lincoln would never be elected today because he worked on cultivating his policies rather than his image. Trump is all image, transparent but he represents the future: lazy, ignorant, self-obsessed & stupid.

I was informed recently that I come off as condescending. It was much more awkwardly phrased than that, the word was used improperly and it came to me that now just being competent in speaking and writing in the language I grew up with is considered condescension. This is how I speak. I don’t have a university degree but I can read and write English. This was from someone pushing thirty. In Europe being fluent in multiple languages is common. Here some people aren’t fluent in any. I understand that not everyone finds reading and writing as natural as myself and there are circumstances such as poverty that can effect learning. I don’t understand why someone from an upper middle class family who graduated from the same high school I did can’t follow what I’m saying. If regular speech comes off as condescension then you’re just ignorant and should probably work on reading comprehension. These aren’t technical terms.

I see many of the people I graduated high school with becoming teachers while posting grammatically incorrect, misspelled statements on facebook. How do you have hope for the future when the teachers themselves don’t understand what they’re teaching? You have to teach yourself if you want to learn now. That smart phone can be used to look up facts and information. The trend of anti-intellectualism is even spreading to postsecondary institutions which have become businesses first and schools second, placing profit above properly paid professors and student education.

It always really confuses me when people make things upon lie blatantly on the internet. It takes me 0.5 seconds to open a new internet window and only a few seconds more to verify most facts. I fact check myself when making points I’m not certain of. With the whole world at your fingertips ignorance is no longer an excuse for error. If you’re in doubt about something look it up, don’t make it up.

You go to a concert now, head banging at the front of the stage and people around you get upset for jostling them as they try to get the perfect picture. If you want a picture buy a poster, if you want to experience things do it through your eyes instead of a camera. If its important you’ll remember it.

The sheer ignorance of the average citizen is astounding. How can we call this a democracy when most people don’t know the policies of their preferred candidate? Its more like rolling the dice and hoping for the best. Its driving me crazy. This is Generation F for failure. Failure to learn, failure to care, failure to empathize failure to stop the past from repeating itself. Failure to produce great works of art, music & literature. Failures at making the world any better. Arrogant, oversensitive, image obsessed, immature and incurious. People openly fly a flag my grandfather spent six years of his life fighting to take down. We fear what we don’t know and hate what we fear. If we don’t go out of our way to learn about our world, if we allow ignorance, fear and hate to grow unchecked as it is then we’re doomed to repeat the past. I have always stood against that flag, the emblem of fascism Hitler stole and defaced into a mockery of its meaning. I’ve always stood against it and everything it represents: oppression, racism, sexism, anti-intellectualism, anti-socialism, anti-semetism, censorship, genocide.

In Hitler’s Germany it was not the Jews or the communists that were targeted first, it was the German people. Aktion-T4 was the name of the program that began mass killing of the disabled, deformed, mentally ill, senile, drug addicted, alcoholic & “work shy” citizens. The T4 doctors were the architects of industrial scale murder and this is where they began. With people like me. Unashamedly mentally ill, a former addict, a social critic, writer and democratic socialist. I have always stood against the Nazi flag and I will take up arms if it ever threatens to rise here.

We are living in a dystopia. No one seems to get that we’re already there. They have the tools to find out anything about anyone. The greatest threat to totalitarianism is education, real education. Either arm yourself or stick your head into the digital sand like the rest of Gen F.

Jack Blare, 2018a2436331899_16

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Trump Promises Ruination of Canada in NAFTA Back Out But Who Has More To Lose?

America. Only in America can you shoot yourself in the foot and sue your neighbour for bleeding on the carpet. Want to tax our automotive sector? The biggest losers are bailout cases like General Motors (US HQ) With nothing to lose diplomatically (Trump wants to ruin us) we can just slap equally high tariffs on our oil, diamonds, lumber, fresh water, grain, natural gas and agricultural output and if they don’t like it we’ll deal with one of the other countries Trump is bullying with trade disputes like China, South Korea or Japan, all of which happen to be a relatively short boat trip from Vancouver. (Americans buy 74% of our oil and 52% of our natural gas, we’re also their largest agricultural provider) NAFTA also added “$80 billion to the US economy since its implementation, equivalent to a 0.5% increase in US GDP” I’m not an economist but backing out would logically cause a minimum 80 billion decrease to their GDP. Yes the Canadian economy would take a hit in the automotive sector, but so would theirs and in the end the automotive companies are American owned. GM has been dying for decades.

Lets cut loose the dead weight and cut a deal with countries on the rise, not floundering former superpowers who are being run into the dirt by incompetents.  When it comes down to it we Canadians have more land with more natural resources, and less population; meaning more to sell. Diamonds, oil, natural gas & lumber are necessities for any developed nation’s current infrastructure. America is overpopulated and they’ve drained their smaller landmass of its valuables and polluted what was left. Let them chop down their own forests and beg the Middle East for oil. Let them buy their food from Mexico. Of course they don’t have enough corn to export so hopefully the one or two states that still grow it can manage to fill the entire US demand.

So what are the experts saying about the situation? “A number of the proposals that the United States has put on the table have little or no support from the U.S. business and agriculture community. It isn’t clear who they’re intended to benefit” – John Murphy, vice-president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Pat Roberts, the senior US senator from Kansas, called for an outcry against Trump anti-NAFTA moves, saying the “issues affect real jobs, real lives and real people”. Kansas is a major agricultural exporter, and farm groups warn that just threatening to leave NAFTA might cause buyers to minimize uncertainty by seeking out non-US sources. The Mexican auto sector is likely to be just as affected, The Economist described this (NAFTA back out) as placing “Mexican carmaking into a straitjacket” “A range of trade experts have said that pulling out of NAFTA as Trump proposed would have a range of unintended consequences for the U.S., including reduced access to the U.S.’s biggest export markets, a reduction in economic growth, and increased prices for gasoline, cars, fruits, and vegetables. The worst affected sectors would be textiles, agriculture and automobiles.”

I say its time to cut our losses and pull out of NAFTA ourselves. In the short run it would hurt but America has proven an unreliable trading partner and ally. Canada would be better served dealing with a more stable government with economists that negotiate based on reality not uninformed ideology. The truth of the matter is that Canada is one of the few nations in the world capable of actual self-sufficiency. The US is not. If they want our resources, our oil, our gas our diamonds our food and our wood then let them compete for it with other nations. They’ll learn soon enough that every country needs wood, food, oil and gas and that they no longer have the economic or political weight they once did. What point is there in a treaty that must constantly be re-negotiated? It defeats the purpose of a treaty entirely. According to the Toronto Star “Trump delivered the threat to Canada as he issued a separate trade threat to China. He told reporters that he had “another $267 billion” worth of tariffs on China “ready to go on short notice if I want,” over and above the $200 billion he has suggested he will impose imminently.”

I say we stop wasting the time of our diplomats on negotiations with representatives of a thoroughly corrupt and ignorant government that might fall apart in a matter of days and start negotiating with China immediately. If he wishes to drown both of our nations in tariffs then lets deal with the world’s second largest economy, they have the money and we have the resources, if America wants so much as a tree then they can compete with international prices like everyone else, plus a small 25% tariff, for equality’s sake of course.

Jack Blare, 2018

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I hate this society and its arbitrary values so set apart from my world. I think that people as a whole are selfish, greedy, cruel and short sighted yet I still support free healthcare, subsidized housing and relief for the poor and the homeless. Individually or in little groups humanity can be great, but put ‘em into a crowd and they become just another dumb grass eating herd, stupid, unpredictable and occasionally violently destructive. Social media and the internet have created the largest herds of all time. Follow do not question says the majority. We’re wrecking our own houses and soon its going to be unliveable. So why do I care? I don’t know. That answer is for my poetic self, not my logical self. Maybe one day people will really change. One day we’ll see in technicolour instead of black and white. Because even if I lose at least I can say that I fought, and fought for the side of the strung out, spun out, tripped out, schizophrenics, suicide survivors, madmen and prophets. The Goddess of Noise. That I spoke for the muted damned, uncounted fallen angels with track marks in leather jackets covered in NOFX, Misfits and Dead Kennedys patches, broken glass scars and hypodermic safety pins.

Jack Blare, 2018

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Collusion Conclusions

Since WWII America has been there to police other nations and their leaders, through negotiation, annexation, unequal treaties, proxy wars, training & arming rebel groups and coups d’état. Since the collapse of the USSR they’ve had free reign to influence politics worldwide. With 9/11 and the rise of the republican party they had their “just cause” and took the opportunity to topple at least two regimes directly & directing their policies from Washington. This kept people gazing out while on the inside America was a pot of water about to boil over. Racism and segregation have returned, specially on the right-wing. There is no united left and thus no real opposition to the corporate rich or the federal military. America has become stagnated because of the power it wields on the world stage. The idea of armed resistance on American to a foreign directed authoritarian regime is considered unthinkable and whoever fires first loses propaganda-wise. There are literal concentration camps for muslims and immigrants and Americans condemn it loudly but they might as well be shouting at a brick wall. Immigrant children become ammo for politicians to exploit. 

A few years ago smart man with few moral qualms noticed this inner divide & exploited it further. Having gained total control of his own nation he wanted to expand but also test the limits of NATO and the UN. Putin used the exact same excuses for annexing Crimea that Hitler did when he took the Rhineland, which was to protect the rights of the Russian/German speaking minorities. There were protests & sanctions but the success in Crimea outweighed these by the prestige Russia achieved on the world stage in the view of his allies. Just like Nazi Germany sent troops to help Franco in Spain, Putin sent them to Syria to aid Assad. Meddling in the US election & likely influencing the outcome was his master stroke. Clinton had a long history of politics & is a competent, level-headed politician, she would doubtlessly continue the US hard line on Russia. When Trump got elected it was Putin’s opportunity. He blackmailed & bribed senior US officials, got the Iran nuclear deal scrapped and has free reign in Europe and Western Asia because the only other country powerful enough to pose a significant military risk to Russia, the US, is too busy building walls to keep out immigrants & Western media is a litany of Trump stories. 

Using the fault lines of race, immigration and fear the Republicans and thus the Russians have had a free hand at enacting their policies in America and overseas. Syria was retaken with Russian help. All day Americans gripe on social media about their president, the growing wage gap, unemployment, racism, sexism but they aren’t able to affect any change through the polls, the democrats are useless and no one in America is willing to risk an actual uprising. No one even blows up mailboxes anymore. Mass shootings happen weekly, usually by young, white, angry virgins on prescription drugs but they tend to be racially or sexually motivated, not truly political. Should we continue to speak, beg and plead to indifferent politicians? Americans rebelled over tea and stamps, now they are having their rights stripped away piece by piece while they slowly decompose as they stare blankly at screens all the time. 

We have children ripped screaming from their weeping mother’s arms and put into detention centres where they are so heavily sedated they just sit and watch TV in their junior orange jumpsuits. We’ve had ICE agents coming in the night and taking away undocumented immigrants, just like the Gestapo did with Jews. Families ripped apart, camps for certain “undesirable” ethnicities, people being deported to their place of execution, often countries bombed by US aircraft. This is what we know publicly. We said “never again” yet here we are, half way down the same road. At what point does one become complicit? Do people have to die for anyone to pay attention? Even then would the public care? America is in its own phoney civil war right now. Putin was once a KGB officer. He served under Soviet premiers Brezhnev, Andropov & Gorbachev then as head of the KGB’s successor organization, the FSB under Yeltsin’s administration. Putin did what no other Russian President or Soviet premier could, not Kruschev, not Brezhnev, Andropov or Gorbachev, not even Joseph Stalin: he won the Cold War.

Jack Blare, August, 2018

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Dystopia 2018

Jack London warned us, then Huxley & Orwell, Ginsberg, Kurt Vonnegut, Anthony Burgess, Phillip K. Dick, Hunter S. Thompson, Lydia Lunch and Warren Ellis to name just a few. Even I warned about it, for the past eleven years. Born into the last generation that will remember what things were like before everything changed, before the world went digital, before cellphones were popular, right before the internet, years before social media and just prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Despite all the warnings progress for profit pushed on & now we’re all hooked up like IV lines to our phones & internet. Most people don’t notice, some don’t care & some see it, hate it but can’t pull the plug. We are living in A Brave New world, its 13 o’clock, year of Our Ford 1984, computers & phones can listen to us, pretend to be off while recording. We have pain rays and devices that can map out the interior of a house from the street. Facial recognition, biometric data. Our internet history is logged, locations pinpointed, advertisements targeted. Cameras film nearly every street, bystanders film everything else. Cars can be hacked into and controlled remotely. There are reports of technology that can transfer thought into sound. I wish these were just conspiracy theories but it looks as though true privacy is going to become a relic of the past unless you choose to entirely disconnect yourself from society. If you want to see a dystopian society most of us just need to walk out our doors. Designer drugs, fluorescent fashion, widespread addiction to drugs, porn and technology, constant surveillance, wilfully provided private information shared with multiple parties, increasing violent attacks by disaffected youths. A police service that protects their own interests at society’s expensive & serve as a kind of corporate paramilitary. They protect windows from being smashed and pepper spray unarmed protesters. Property uber alles. We’re in the shadow of the Iron Heel, spiralling into ignorance & indifference. The iron fist is closing around the Western world, though we can still escape its grasp now, each day the grip gets stronger.

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Artistic Sin

How do we judge art from the past? Is it correct to judge it by the mores of the current society, or should it be understood in the context of the period it was created? Classical Roman art and legends persisted long after they adopted Christianity, but the pagan temples and anything associated with worshipping the former gods was stripped of its power and the buildings were repurposed. Now we recognize writers like Virgil and Cicero as geniuses but to early Christians they must have seemed like heretics. It took close to a thousand years for those works to be distributed again in the Christian West. Some think the Christians are wrong for burning and destroying so many pagan Roman historical, poetic and religious texts. Christians think the Romans were wrong for practicing idolatry. Is temporal relativism plausible? The dead can’t advocate for their work so our views of the past are inherently biased towards the mores of modern society. Is this ethical? Should we take temporal relativism into account or assume by virtue of passing time a more recent society is more sophisticated?
This is a song by the generally progressive, equal rights supporting feminist punk icon, Patti Smith. Listen and decide for yourself if temporal relativism is real or not and if it matters at all. Is this just racism or punk rock using the metaphor of “outside of society” to describe the black person’s oppression at that time in America? Will this song erase or damage Patti’s legacy in the future? Should it be judged by its lyrics, musical skill and ingenuity, both or none? What do you think?

from the “Natural Born Killers” soundtrack originally recorded in 1978 on the album Easter
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Trump is the Embodiment of the Establishment & Everything Wrong With It

I am getting really sick of Facebook politics. I spent four years studying journalism, especially ethics as well as history, statistics and political science as well as how to detect bias and dissect an article, check sources, check facts and look for bias. I covered political rallies in news stories and interviewed the mayor of Oakville. Myself and my fellow students spent months learning to apply these skills. Fake news and poorly sourced stories are obvious to me. I am not trying to brag but to suggest that possibly if people learned and applied those skills we would not be in the situation we are today.

I just have to make this abundantly clear: Trump does not represent the working people and he is not anti establishment. Antifa is anti establishment. Rich old white men have been running America for centuries. This is just a more senile Ron Raegan. The Black Panthers and Yippies were anti establishment. The US president is the very embodiment of classic American capitalism. I don’t see how you could be more a part of the establishment than Trump. Owns a country club. Owns a Tower full of fake gold. Instead of serving it Vietnam when his draft card was pulled he claimed to have bone spurs, three times. Coward. His family run major capitalist corporations and he is the PRESIDENT of the US.

There is nothing anti establishment in running the establishment and he and his rich family are at the top of the pyramid flying around in private jets on the taxpayer’s dime. His daddy gave him 1 million dollars to start. You’re not rebelling by following him, you’re just falling in line like a good little soldier. I especially don’t understand foreigners who support him. You have no vote and he has no say in your nation. Make your own path, don’t blindly follow anyone, especially foreign politicians who create unnecessary international incidents and mutually detrimental economic warfare. I’m aware that this will probably piss people off. I don’t care about your feelings  and I don’t have to read poorly constructed arguments that barely last a paragraph from people that haven’t even bothered to study how this all works.

Breitbart, Infowars, Drudge report; its propaganda. Make America Great Again was the American Nazi Party slogan in the 1930’s. He could be flying swaztikas at his rallies and people would still argue his freedom of speech, which isn’t even coherent. Its been two years. I don’t see a wall. I see that the US is now isolated from Canada, Britain and the EU. I see them pulling out of treaties on human rights and mutual defence. The New North Korea-America partnership should do wonders for the coal industry. They aren’t stupid enough to do what Saddam and Ghadafi did. Kim will never disarm, he saw what happened to the last guys that did. Which side of history do you want to be on? Do you want to be remembered like the fascists? Confederacy? Apartheid? Then step in line with Trump. If you have friends that are disabled, latino, muslim or black they will start to resent you. Be careful who you speak to about what.

My patience for being insulted to my face has run out. Time will tell.

Jack Blare, 2018