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Why Tumblr Politics Are So Ineffective At Changing People’s Views

Every day your scroll down your dash reading post after post about Donald Trump, all of them negative. If there is a dissenting viewpoint its usually squashed with outrage. All you have to do is read the suggestions at the top to see that Tumblr is a very left-leaning website. These are good values to hold in my opinion but this platform has become an echo-chamber of liberal ideas and propaganda, what I mean to say is that we’re preaching to the choir. Just as 4chan is an exclusively right wing website Tumblr has become exclusively left wing. The result is that we are talking to each other and reassuring one another with the same ideas but not enacting the change we want because political posts on Tumblr will only,or mainly, be read by people who more or less share the same viewpoints.

Its important to have political discourse but if you want to really change people’s minds you have to get your message across to the opposition and the apolitical. So while Tumblr is a great blogging site its not the best place to voice your political opinion if you’re on the left precisely because there are so few right wing people actually using Tumblr.

Jack Blare

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Come Undone

You show up like the ghost of my depression

with your memories and ideals

and I get the strong impression

that you have no idea how this feels

I’m Jesus Christ the Emperor

I’m Nero who sacrificed his youth

I am the coliseum’s last contender

Fighting off the inevitable truth

I’m not old but I’m not young

Just trying to have some fun

I fucked I fought I lost and I won

But now its all come undone

I am the blind eye of a storm

Brewing since the day that I was born

my suit is bloody, burnt and torn

I’m the devil that sold both of his horns

Riots on the bloody streets of heaven

Dope & fucking on the streets of hell

The angelic council of eleven

hid inside the cracked liberty bell

I’m not old but I’m not young

Just trying to have some fun

I fucked I fought I lost and I won

But now its all come undone

‘cause I’m having fun

And you know I’m not done

I’ve come undone

I’ve come undone

I’ve come undone

Jack Blare, 2015

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Anyone Can Win

Suns going down and the moon rises bright

Into the heart of this star struck night

I once had something you could call love

Now its just a memory fading up above

My junkyard eyes dance on your perfect skin

Sometimes its harder to lose

‘cause anyone can win

Morning arrives, the knife drawn at dawn

Tired sick and weak but still going on

Sucker for love, junkie for sin

Sometimes its harder to lose

‘cause anyone can win

Easy its easy

so easy its easy

Easy so easy

I wish it was so easy

But its not so easy

To be a loser

When everybody wins

Jack Blare, 2014

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Garage Youth

Things have fallen apart

I have frozen my own heart

We’ve lost touch with reality

Blinded and divided so dark I cannot see

And oh its no use

Hiding under this little roof

did you finally find all the proof?

We were just kids living

the garage youth

Drunken nights and days so high

Didn’t care if I lived or died

Nothing now is here to stay

Just smoke and hope that things’ll be okay

But oh its no use

hiding under this little roof

did you finally find out the truth?

We were just kids living

the Garage youth.

Jack Blare, 2015

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Seen & Disbelieved

No sense of time, just drifting like dour smoke from obligation to obligation. Barely take anything in. Girl comes, girl goes. See the doctor, go to the funeral, greet the family. Make society proud. Beyond this is nothing. I can’t see ahead and don’t want to. I’m neither here nor there and all answers are merely preprogrammed responses to typical questions.

“Thank you. I’m doing fine.”

It all makes me sick. Best not to bother. I see only through a glass darkly now.

-Jack Blare, 2016