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How to Lose Friends & Alienate Allies

So I’m on Facebook the other day wasting my time, was thats all it really does, and I see this post condemning immigrants as murderous criminals. So myself and another poster refuted this. I happen to know the poster’s father is Italian and made a pretty straightforward comment about the irony of an immigrant’s child hating immigrants.

The other guy (who I was agreeing with) happened to be black and started laying into me about how I was a racist, white privileged pathetic human being, decided my last name was “really white” even though its a pen name based on “to blare” which is white insofar as its part of the English language. Try to explain this. He goes on for a few more posts about how shitty of a person I am. I do not deny being white, nor privileged but expressed how odd it was to be attacked for agreeing with someone.

He re-read the conversation and apologized. Its not easy to admit when you’ve made a mistake and I really appreciate it but it highlights a disturbing trend within online activism, a sort of shoot first ask-questions later method to debate. A mix of pseudoscience, scraps of political ideology taken out of context and personal insults. I encounter this kind of “argument” when it comes to any radical adherents to any ideology, political or religious belief.

In a world where google can provide a generally accurate answer within moments, or at least a fairly certain one with applied critical thinking. People make easily disproven, incorrect assumptions, look at one piece of the mosaic without seeing the bigger picture. We’ve been raised with a good vs evil narrative in books, films & games. Reality is much less clear and rarely so simple as people make it out to be, especially when it comes down to politics and philosophy. People continuously condemning entire groups for the actions of a few members.

This is the new method of discourse, where misleading pictures accompanied by short sentences have replaced debates using premises backed by facts & critical assessment of source material to come to your conclusions. This leads to populism and will only harm public discourse.

-Jack Blare, 2018

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Collusion Conclusions

Since WWII America has been there to police other nations and their leaders, through negotiation, annexation, unequal treaties, proxy wars, training & arming rebel groups and coups d’état. Since the collapse of the USSR they’ve had free reign to influence politics worldwide. With 9/11 and the rise of the republican party they had their “just cause” and took the opportunity to topple at least two regimes directly & directing their policies from Washington. This kept people gazing out while on the inside America was a pot of water about to boil over. Racism and segregation have returned, specially on the right-wing. There is no united left and thus no real opposition to the corporate rich or the federal military. America has become stagnated because of the power it wields on the world stage. The idea of armed resistance on American to a foreign directed authoritarian regime is considered unthinkable and whoever fires first loses propaganda-wise. There are literal concentration camps for muslims and immigrants and Americans condemn it loudly but they might as well be shouting at a brick wall. Immigrant children become ammo for politicians to exploit. 

A few years ago smart man with few moral qualms noticed this inner divide & exploited it further. Having gained total control of his own nation he wanted to expand but also test the limits of NATO and the UN. Putin used the exact same excuses for annexing Crimea that Hitler did when he took the Rhineland, which was to protect the rights of the Russian/German speaking minorities. There were protests & sanctions but the success in Crimea outweighed these by the prestige Russia achieved on the world stage in the view of his allies. Just like Nazi Germany sent troops to help Franco in Spain, Putin sent them to Syria to aid Assad. Meddling in the US election & likely influencing the outcome was his master stroke. Clinton had a long history of politics & is a competent, level-headed politician, she would doubtlessly continue the US hard line on Russia. When Trump got elected it was Putin’s opportunity. He blackmailed & bribed senior US officials, got the Iran nuclear deal scrapped and has free reign in Europe and Western Asia because the only other country powerful enough to pose a significant military risk to Russia, the US, is too busy building walls to keep out immigrants & Western media is a litany of Trump stories. 

Using the fault lines of race, immigration and fear the Republicans and thus the Russians have had a free hand at enacting their policies in America and overseas. Syria was retaken with Russian help. All day Americans gripe on social media about their president, the growing wage gap, unemployment, racism, sexism but they aren’t able to affect any change through the polls, the democrats are useless and no one in America is willing to risk an actual uprising. No one even blows up mailboxes anymore. Mass shootings happen weekly, usually by young, white, angry virgins on prescription drugs but they tend to be racially or sexually motivated, not truly political. Should we continue to speak, beg and plead to indifferent politicians? Americans rebelled over tea and stamps, now they are having their rights stripped away piece by piece while they slowly decompose as they stare blankly at screens all the time. 

We have children ripped screaming from their weeping mother’s arms and put into detention centres where they are so heavily sedated they just sit and watch TV in their junior orange jumpsuits. We’ve had ICE agents coming in the night and taking away undocumented immigrants, just like the Gestapo did with Jews. Families ripped apart, camps for certain “undesirable” ethnicities, people being deported to their place of execution, often countries bombed by US aircraft. This is what we know publicly. We said “never again” yet here we are, half way down the same road. At what point does one become complicit? Do people have to die for anyone to pay attention? Even then would the public care? America is in its own phoney civil war right now. Putin was once a KGB officer. He served under Soviet premiers Brezhnev, Andropov & Gorbachev then as head of the KGB’s successor organization, the FSB under Yeltsin’s administration. Putin did what no other Russian President or Soviet premier could, not Kruschev, not Brezhnev, Andropov or Gorbachev, not even Joseph Stalin: he won the Cold War.

Jack Blare, August, 2018

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Dystopia 2018

Jack London warned us, then Huxley & Orwell, Ginsberg, Kurt Vonnegut, Anthony Burgess, Phillip K. Dick, Hunter S. Thompson, Lydia Lunch and Warren Ellis to name just a few. Even I warned about it, for the past eleven years. Born into the last generation that will remember what things were like before everything changed, before the world went digital, before cellphones were popular, right before the internet, years before social media and just prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Despite all the warnings progress for profit pushed on & now we’re all hooked up like IV lines to our phones & internet. Most people don’t notice, some don’t care & some see it, hate it but can’t pull the plug. We are living in A Brave New world, its 13 o’clock, year of Our Ford 1984, computers & phones can listen to us, pretend to be off while recording. We have pain rays and devices that can map out the interior of a house from the street. Facial recognition, biometric data. Our internet history is logged, locations pinpointed, advertisements targeted. Cameras film nearly every street, bystanders film everything else. Cars can be hacked into and controlled remotely. There are reports of technology that can transfer thought into sound. I wish these were just conspiracy theories but it looks as though true privacy is going to become a relic of the past unless you choose to entirely disconnect yourself from society. If you want to see a dystopian society most of us just need to walk out our doors. Designer drugs, fluorescent fashion, widespread addiction to drugs, porn and technology, constant surveillance, wilfully provided private information shared with multiple parties, increasing violent attacks by disaffected youths. A police service that protects their own interests at society’s expensive & serve as a kind of corporate paramilitary. They protect windows from being smashed and pepper spray unarmed protesters. Property uber alles. We’re in the shadow of the Iron Heel, spiralling into ignorance & indifference. The iron fist is closing around the Western world, though we can still escape its grasp now, each day the grip gets stronger.

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Out of Step With Time

The world keeps getting stranger and more surreal every day. Like a Phillip K. Dick novel and I’m on Substance D. Artificial intelligence, the death of privacy. Designer drugs & addiction sweeping across the nation. Hover bikes, self-driving cars, pain rays. Pills that track patient compliance, subcutaneous credit implants. The future doesn’t look too utopian.

The future seems to have happened yesterday, like it bypassed us. Technology has outpaced humanity. We all carry around little electrical devices all connected to each other that track us and perform hidden calculations. New medicines and surgical techniques along with skyrocketing suicide rates. If my generation is entitled then the one to come is entirely cut off from reality. Whole subcultures of disaffected youth thrive and fester online until eventually they start to manifest themselves in bloody massacres.

Otherkin is the next scientology. Never before have I seen anyone so blindly faithful to their beliefs in the face of absolute incredibility except maybe L. Ron Hubbard’s Sea Org. They’ll be pushing for schools and tax exempt status next. Then the church of otherkin will break off into factions of its own. “The third fiction kin church of copyright violations.” Its like Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis, there’s a newer, crazier religion popping up every day. One step forward, three steps back. Nationalism its reaching levels not seen since the 1930′s. Any student of history knows how that plays out. Despite all of our “advances” people seem to be as violent and discontented as ever. The rich buy the next high tech device and the homeless can’t even afford to get a fix of the drugs the doctors started him on.

The rawness and authenticity has gone out of our lives forever. This is a world of the plastic and digital, as insubstantial as virtual reality. We’re addicted to the drugs & alcohol but we depend on our technology to get through the day. Phone as fifth limb, must be charged regularly thus restricting human movement to places equipped with electricity, caffeine and free wifi. We are like infants, unable to control or comprehend. Language is the foundation of rational thought, when we degrade language we degrade thought. Brave New World. Kingdom of Hell. Just because one person, or group of people have suffered more than another does not mean that others suffer less. Just because there are people missing a leg it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt when someone else breaks theirs.

Jack Blare, 2018

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Alien Nation

I don’t know why I bother. Screwed without the meds I need. Last time I was off them I ended up in the hospital in handcuffs with what they would have termed multiple -self-inflicted lacerations, if they had bothered to take off my coat. I didn’t even get a single goddamn alcohol swab to disinfect, they just closed on their own eventually, though the scars are still easily visible. Well over 100 & then I stopped bothering to count. Psychiatrists or family doctors won’t help because I don’t want to take seroquel. Could be because I’m autistic, not psychotic, I need anxiety treatment & seroquel is more sedating than a shot of heroin. Stuck in the grey area of suboxone, weed & occasional lines of free cocaine. I said that the doctors have become the dealers but the truth is they were always dealers. Pushers. I never had anyone push morphine or meth on me like they pushed Zoloft, Paxil, Seroquel, Celexa. My serotonin levels have been chemically altered since age 11. I am a product of a drug company & a complacent, idiotic society.

Want to know why Trump won? Because the left became so divided over semantic issues & infighting about privilege, race & sexuality. We police language more than we do politicians. No one says the word “nigger” anymore but cops still shoot unarmed black kids every god damn day. Trans rights are growing, we have trans athletes, politicians, actors but they still don’t know who murdered the girl in that Toronto ravine. We vilify the convenient. Louis C.K. is a fucking pervert & the news is all over it. Karla Homolka is free, walking around, having a family while deep in the evidence lockers there’s a video of her and Paul torturing, raping & murdering her own teenage sister. Why are we not outraged at that too? Digital society has the memory span of a goldfish. Trump doesn’t know much but he knows how easily his supporters, or the rest of the world forgets. Despite the Weinstein fallout this admitted sexual predator holds the highest office in a decaying superpower & no one can do a fucking thing, if they even remember.

Journalism school taught me a lot. Mainly that I don’t want to be a journalist but also that the most important information is between the lines. Everything has a bias. The way you word something can change its meaning entirely. You can make insinuations without outright saying what you mean, influence  the way people interpret information by putting it in a certain way. Quotes & photographs taken out of context are frequently used this way. John Lennon’s “bigger than Jesus” quote being the most famous example. How many people actually read the whole article?

This is alienation, anomie in the digital sense. I am nothing. I am nobody. One of billions. I’m not writing this for you, for anyone. I’m just screaming into a screen. I don’t trust anyone, especially myself. I’m bleeding my anger here so I don’t bleed it out in reality. I keep a box of vintage, yet perfectly sharp razor blades in my breast pocket. My cat died last week & I liked him more than any of you. Why couldn’t it have been me? Why do I survive intentional self-destruction and others around me just die. I want out, god do I want out. I love my friends but I don’t trust them & I don’t matter much to them. I only really trust two, maybe even just one. I’d hate to cause them pain but they’ll get over it. I think I’ll talk to the doc about switching to methadone. Supposedly its more addictive, more sedating, & more dangerous. That sounds perfect to me. The Johnny Thunders method. Born to lose. Its a lot harder to lose than it is to win.

Jack Blare, -2017

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The Republican Regime

New alt-right propaganda is trying to create a backlash for the recent protests, boos and ejections of Republican Party officials from restaurants. Evidently I’m supposed to feel bad for these well-dressed, well-educated upper class white Americans for getting booed out of a restaurant. One person went as far as to complain that Republicans would soon be forced into the back of busses a la Rosa Parks. I’m supposed to feel bad for these arrogant, racist sycophantic scum while they rip apart families and drug children into silence and shove them into concentration camps where they all wear orange like prisoners. They are prisoners and the crime was that their parents wanted a better life for them.

Oh no, those poor overpaid & corrupt republican politicians! Its cool for them to rip apart families and give children 18 drug cocktails to keep them quiet but god forbid someone harasses them in public! How do you support a regime that is anti immigrant, anti-Canadian but pro Russia and North Korea? One that constantly lies, goes back on its promises and insults its closest allies and trading partners?  The last president to ask if he could pardon himself was Nixon during Watergate. If he has nothing to hide then why is he asking if he can pardon himself? Why should I as a Canadian care about some republicans getting harassed when they openly support an authoritarian dicktator who believes in tax cuts for the rich while canceling programs that brought food to people too old or disabled to leave their homes, especially since our economy is going to be hit hard by this trade war?

I care about as much for the Republican Party as I do about the people who were hung at Nuremberg. If their policies applied up here my family wouldn’t have a house due to medical expenses alone. Inciting violence & hate? The Trump regime is now in control, and hence responsible for the activities of the army, navy and intelligence sources. They already botched a raid in a country they officially weren’t supposed to be in (Niger) and U.S. troops paid with their lives. They won’t do anything about gun control even though you’re more likely to be shot as an American student than a deployed soldier. You can’t compare political affiliation to race.

They chose to be in that party and they can leave it whenever they want. You can’t resign from being black. Now I’m supposed to have sympathy for politicians who tear families apart like the Nazis did, imprison children and use psychiatry to keep people quiet just like the Soviet Union did. Maybe I’d care if they did, if they were innocent, but they’re not. Even their silence makes them complicit in the  nepotism, multiple conflicts of interest & outright racist ideals that have characterized this regime. Even Fox News called 45 a dictator.

Canada has no place for such people and continuing to support them while they insult our national pride, lie about our trade deficits & surpluses & start trade wars which will just damage both economies. Our policies of freedom of religion, legal marijuana, separation of church & state, abortion clinics & universal healthcare are completely at odds with Republican Party values of NRA Jesus, creationism, misogyny & racism. They are the party the KKK, neo-Nazis and religious extremists vote for. Even the newly elected conservative premier of Ontario has denounced them, despite being one of the most right wing politicians in the nation.

A threat to our economy is a threat to our daily lives. True North Strong and Free. We will defend that freedom and our rights with our lives if need be. I stand with no party but I know I don’t stand with the Republicans. What they’re doing is exactly like the Nazis & Italians did, then the Soviets after them. At this point it is wrong NOT to speak against the republican regime, let alone try and support them. Americans are not our enemies, but this regime oppressing them is. I will not be silenced. I’ll keep writing until they drag me away and execute me if needs be. My grandfather did not fight six years in the blood & mud of Europe just to have it swept away by some neo-fascist right wing autocracy.

-Jack Blare

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Temporal Relativism

Similar to the concept of cultural relativism, it means regarding history through the mindset of the majority of the population at a certain time period and trying to understand their actions in the context of the time that they lived, not only through our 20/20 hindsight. The concept is unrelated to the science of temporal relativity. -Jack Blare, 2018

A lot of modern day practices have their roots in slavery & war but in time the meanings have changed and evolved. Now people see it as giving a little extra in return for good service. Now its considered impolite if you don’t offer a tip. Or when people refer to one another as “man” I guarantee that they aren’t thinking about it as a way to assert black rights. Black people called each other “man” in retaliation for being called “boy” by white people. Eventually it evolved into a term that is widely used. Just as we must understand cultural relativism we also need to consider temporal relativism. The fact that tipping originated from racial oppression is an interesting historical fact but no longer relevant in that it has taken on a new meaning separate from its origins. Like the song ‘Summertime, the living is easy’ most famously covered by Janis Joplin and referenced by Sublime refers to the fact that it was easier for slaves to pick cotton because it grew high in the summer and they didn’t have to crouch to pick it. Does this mean I’m going to stop enjoying that song, never tip or refer to people as man? No. Many modern practices had dark beginnings but have developed and changed as society has. At one point every group was an oppressor and in turn was oppressed. The Egyptians oppressed the Jews, the Jews massacred the Philistines, then they were captives in Babylon until the Roman Empire took overJerusalem, Egypt was also conquered, first by Alexander, then Caesar who conquered England, then Rome was conquered by the Goths, Christianity became the state religion and they looted the old temples to build new & lavish churches. Rome withdrew from England which was then conquered by the Saxons followed by the Vikings, followed by the Normans, then in turn England conquered Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We should not forget that these things happened but responsibility is not inherited. White skinned Russian serfs were emancipated only two years before the American emancipation of their slaves. Condemning the acts of the long dead is pointless. We should learn from the past to improve the future & present. History is never black and white and the sins of the father are not passed down to the son. I don’t believe in original sin or that people must atone for the actions of their long-dead ancestors. People have oppressed one another since the dawn of civilization, if we hold on to the prejudices of the past the wounds will never heal.

-Jack Blare