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Wilfrid Laurier, Tommy Douglas, Trudeau & the Shadow of America

As Canadians we got our benefits under the liberal Lester Pearson government, which I believe Trudeau I was a part of. They just took the idea from Tommy Douglas and the Saskatchewan NDP, which is our home grown Canadian version of democratic socialism that came up with a plan for universal healthcare. I’m not sure what Justin Trudeau or Wilfrid Laurier have to do with that, one wasn’t born and the other was in an opposing party and died before we got universal healthcare, or our history, which is pretty much British history until WWI. We got our Charter of Rights & Freedoms from Trudeau Sr. which gives us rights… and freedoms. I don’t see how our history is offending people no one has expressed that to me, because barely anyone takes the time to actually learn it. I think its weird for a Canadian to support a leader that is actively trying to damage our economy and is ideologically opposed to any sort of benefits, supports tax cuts for the rich and campaigns against raising the minimum wage while raising prices on cheap pharmaceuticals 400%.

Seriously though if you’re gonna make a meme about history and politics they should at least have a picture of Trudeau, Pearson or Douglas. Laurier has nothing to do with the premise other the fact that he lived a century ago and was a Canadian politician. Also there’s no context, what in our history is making people angry? We’ve got a century & a half of it as Canada. Are these people mad about the 1917 conscription crisis, the FLQ or the US trade war? Personally its the trade war. My mother worked in our steel industry, if she hadn’t been eligible to retire she’d be unemployed due to Trump’s tariffs. Anyone working in construction jobs involving steel or lumber is going to be paying a lot more for their supplies, contractors will be hit hard once the cost of building a deck or buying steel parts goes up 20%. Auto workers are gonna lose their jobs because of the complex trade situation that sees cars cross the border 3 or 4 times before they’re finished. That will hit both sides of the border hard. Trump will just move the factory to China to cut costs, he’s already created way more Chinese jobs than American, but he was doing that before he was president. As far as world leaders go Trudeau is doing better than Theresa May or Turnbull. The cons don’t have a decent candidate, most people can’t even remember his name. Trudeau is not perfect, he’s a politician, they trade in influence and lies, but he holds his own with other world leaders like Marcon and Merkel, who run the two richest and most populous nations in Europe. The fact that he has the respect and to some degree, trust of these politicians puts him ahead of most other world leaders, including Putin & Trump, from a diplomatic standpoint. The US is no longer invited to to high level NATO meetings, ironic since they created it. Germany has replaced America as the paramount western power. America is no longer the leader of the free world. They’re backsliding on every front. Maybe they stopped a few gs of coke from getting into Texas but otherwise in over two yers they haven’t achieved a thing except to alienate their closest allies (Canada and Australia used to share intelligence with the US) in favour of fat little despots who like dressing up in army uniforms. He didn’t do anything in Korea. They aren’t gonna give up their deterrent. Ghadafi and Saddam did, then the US deposed them. Kim is not that stupid. In the meantime cancelling the Iranian nuclear deal has lead to the immediate recommencement of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Their arch enemy is Israel, also a nuclear state. He just swapped a radical communist for a radical muslim nation, one that is more prone to direct aggression.

Jack Blare, 2018

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Collusion Conclusions

Since WWII America has been there to police other nations and their leaders, through negotiation, annexation, unequal treaties, proxy wars, training & arming rebel groups and coups d’état. Since the collapse of the USSR they’ve had free reign to influence politics worldwide. With 9/11 and the rise of the republican party they had their “just cause” and took the opportunity to topple at least two regimes directly & directing their policies from Washington. This kept people gazing out while on the inside America was a pot of water about to boil over. Racism and segregation have returned, specially on the right-wing. There is no united left and thus no real opposition to the corporate rich or the federal military. America has become stagnated because of the power it wields on the world stage. The idea of armed resistance on American to a foreign directed authoritarian regime is considered unthinkable and whoever fires first loses propaganda-wise. There are literal concentration camps for muslims and immigrants and Americans condemn it loudly but they might as well be shouting at a brick wall. Immigrant children become ammo for politicians to exploit. 

A few years ago smart man with few moral qualms noticed this inner divide & exploited it further. Having gained total control of his own nation he wanted to expand but also test the limits of NATO and the UN. Putin used the exact same excuses for annexing Crimea that Hitler did when he took the Rhineland, which was to protect the rights of the Russian/German speaking minorities. There were protests & sanctions but the success in Crimea outweighed these by the prestige Russia achieved on the world stage in the view of his allies. Just like Nazi Germany sent troops to help Franco in Spain, Putin sent them to Syria to aid Assad. Meddling in the US election & likely influencing the outcome was his master stroke. Clinton had a long history of politics & is a competent, level-headed politician, she would doubtlessly continue the US hard line on Russia. When Trump got elected it was Putin’s opportunity. He blackmailed & bribed senior US officials, got the Iran nuclear deal scrapped and has free reign in Europe and Western Asia because the only other country powerful enough to pose a significant military risk to Russia, the US, is too busy building walls to keep out immigrants & Western media is a litany of Trump stories. 

Using the fault lines of race, immigration and fear the Republicans and thus the Russians have had a free hand at enacting their policies in America and overseas. Syria was retaken with Russian help. All day Americans gripe on social media about their president, the growing wage gap, unemployment, racism, sexism but they aren’t able to affect any change through the polls, the democrats are useless and no one in America is willing to risk an actual uprising. No one even blows up mailboxes anymore. Mass shootings happen weekly, usually by young, white, angry virgins on prescription drugs but they tend to be racially or sexually motivated, not truly political. Should we continue to speak, beg and plead to indifferent politicians? Americans rebelled over tea and stamps, now they are having their rights stripped away piece by piece while they slowly decompose as they stare blankly at screens all the time. 

We have children ripped screaming from their weeping mother’s arms and put into detention centres where they are so heavily sedated they just sit and watch TV in their junior orange jumpsuits. We’ve had ICE agents coming in the night and taking away undocumented immigrants, just like the Gestapo did with Jews. Families ripped apart, camps for certain “undesirable” ethnicities, people being deported to their place of execution, often countries bombed by US aircraft. This is what we know publicly. We said “never again” yet here we are, half way down the same road. At what point does one become complicit? Do people have to die for anyone to pay attention? Even then would the public care? America is in its own phoney civil war right now. Putin was once a KGB officer. He served under Soviet premiers Brezhnev, Andropov & Gorbachev then as head of the KGB’s successor organization, the FSB under Yeltsin’s administration. Putin did what no other Russian President or Soviet premier could, not Kruschev, not Brezhnev, Andropov or Gorbachev, not even Joseph Stalin: he won the Cold War.

Jack Blare, August, 2018

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Trump is the Embodiment of the Establishment & Everything Wrong With It

I am getting really sick of Facebook politics. I spent four years studying journalism, especially ethics as well as history, statistics and political science as well as how to detect bias and dissect an article, check sources, check facts and look for bias. I covered political rallies in news stories and interviewed the mayor of Oakville. Myself and my fellow students spent months learning to apply these skills. Fake news and poorly sourced stories are obvious to me. I am not trying to brag but to suggest that possibly if people learned and applied those skills we would not be in the situation we are today.

I just have to make this abundantly clear: Trump does not represent the working people and he is not anti establishment. Antifa is anti establishment. Rich old white men have been running America for centuries. This is just a more senile Ron Raegan. The Black Panthers and Yippies were anti establishment. The US president is the very embodiment of classic American capitalism. I don’t see how you could be more a part of the establishment than Trump. Owns a country club. Owns a Tower full of fake gold. Instead of serving it Vietnam when his draft card was pulled he claimed to have bone spurs, three times. Coward. His family run major capitalist corporations and he is the PRESIDENT of the US.

There is nothing anti establishment in running the establishment and he and his rich family are at the top of the pyramid flying around in private jets on the taxpayer’s dime. His daddy gave him 1 million dollars to start. You’re not rebelling by following him, you’re just falling in line like a good little soldier. I especially don’t understand foreigners who support him. You have no vote and he has no say in your nation. Make your own path, don’t blindly follow anyone, especially foreign politicians who create unnecessary international incidents and mutually detrimental economic warfare. I’m aware that this will probably piss people off. I don’t care about your feelings  and I don’t have to read poorly constructed arguments that barely last a paragraph from people that haven’t even bothered to study how this all works.

Breitbart, Infowars, Drudge report; its propaganda. Make America Great Again was the American Nazi Party slogan in the 1930’s. He could be flying swaztikas at his rallies and people would still argue his freedom of speech, which isn’t even coherent. Its been two years. I don’t see a wall. I see that the US is now isolated from Canada, Britain and the EU. I see them pulling out of treaties on human rights and mutual defence. The New North Korea-America partnership should do wonders for the coal industry. They aren’t stupid enough to do what Saddam and Ghadafi did. Kim will never disarm, he saw what happened to the last guys that did. Which side of history do you want to be on? Do you want to be remembered like the fascists? Confederacy? Apartheid? Then step in line with Trump. If you have friends that are disabled, latino, muslim or black they will start to resent you. Be careful who you speak to about what.

My patience for being insulted to my face has run out. Time will tell.

Jack Blare, 2018

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The Republican Regime

New alt-right propaganda is trying to create a backlash for the recent protests, boos and ejections of Republican Party officials from restaurants. Evidently I’m supposed to feel bad for these well-dressed, well-educated upper class white Americans for getting booed out of a restaurant. One person went as far as to complain that Republicans would soon be forced into the back of busses a la Rosa Parks. I’m supposed to feel bad for these arrogant, racist sycophantic scum while they rip apart families and drug children into silence and shove them into concentration camps where they all wear orange like prisoners. They are prisoners and the crime was that their parents wanted a better life for them.

Oh no, those poor overpaid & corrupt republican politicians! Its cool for them to rip apart families and give children 18 drug cocktails to keep them quiet but god forbid someone harasses them in public! How do you support a regime that is anti immigrant, anti-Canadian but pro Russia and North Korea? One that constantly lies, goes back on its promises and insults its closest allies and trading partners?  The last president to ask if he could pardon himself was Nixon during Watergate. If he has nothing to hide then why is he asking if he can pardon himself? Why should I as a Canadian care about some republicans getting harassed when they openly support an authoritarian dicktator who believes in tax cuts for the rich while canceling programs that brought food to people too old or disabled to leave their homes, especially since our economy is going to be hit hard by this trade war?

I care about as much for the Republican Party as I do about the people who were hung at Nuremberg. If their policies applied up here my family wouldn’t have a house due to medical expenses alone. Inciting violence & hate? The Trump regime is now in control, and hence responsible for the activities of the army, navy and intelligence sources. They already botched a raid in a country they officially weren’t supposed to be in (Niger) and U.S. troops paid with their lives. They won’t do anything about gun control even though you’re more likely to be shot as an American student than a deployed soldier. You can’t compare political affiliation to race.

They chose to be in that party and they can leave it whenever they want. You can’t resign from being black. Now I’m supposed to have sympathy for politicians who tear families apart like the Nazis did, imprison children and use psychiatry to keep people quiet just like the Soviet Union did. Maybe I’d care if they did, if they were innocent, but they’re not. Even their silence makes them complicit in the  nepotism, multiple conflicts of interest & outright racist ideals that have characterized this regime. Even Fox News called 45 a dictator.

Canada has no place for such people and continuing to support them while they insult our national pride, lie about our trade deficits & surpluses & start trade wars which will just damage both economies. Our policies of freedom of religion, legal marijuana, separation of church & state, abortion clinics & universal healthcare are completely at odds with Republican Party values of NRA Jesus, creationism, misogyny & racism. They are the party the KKK, neo-Nazis and religious extremists vote for. Even the newly elected conservative premier of Ontario has denounced them, despite being one of the most right wing politicians in the nation.

A threat to our economy is a threat to our daily lives. True North Strong and Free. We will defend that freedom and our rights with our lives if need be. I stand with no party but I know I don’t stand with the Republicans. What they’re doing is exactly like the Nazis & Italians did, then the Soviets after them. At this point it is wrong NOT to speak against the republican regime, let alone try and support them. Americans are not our enemies, but this regime oppressing them is. I will not be silenced. I’ll keep writing until they drag me away and execute me if needs be. My grandfather did not fight six years in the blood & mud of Europe just to have it swept away by some neo-fascist right wing autocracy.

-Jack Blare


Donald Trump is Mentally Unfit to be Left Alone for Five Minutes

Donald Trump hasn’t been able to string together a sentence since the beginning of his campaign. H.S. Thompson said Raegan’s Alzheimer’s probably started prior to his presidency and with Trump being the oldest person ever elected to the office its not a stretch to assume that he has at the very least, mid-stage dementia. He has the typical symptom known as “word salad” where the patient just strings together a bunch of words unrelated to the situation. He can’t answer direct questions and his remarks are usually out of context and grammatically incorrect.

Trump thought Karl Marx was Russian, that Frederick Douglas was still alive, had no idea what the nuclear triad was and still doesn’t seem to be aware that Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. His moods sway unpredictably and his position changes by the hour probably because he can’t remember what he said five minutes ago. In most people this would be sad, in his case its just disgusting. They handed the reigns of the world’s last “superpower” to a racist, sexist old bigot who is completely out of his mind, along with the “world’s best army,” supposedly, since the only real victory they’ve had since The Spanish American War without allied help was Guam. Korea was a failure and now it looks like the grandchildren of the idiots that started that war are going to be the ones who have to suffer through finishing it. Vietnam was a total loss and the Gulf and Iraq wars gave us Daesh while soon children will be dying alongside their parents in Afghanistan for an attack that happened before they were born.

The man is so absolutely clueless that he shouldn’t be allowed to drive a car or go out on his own. If he wasn’t rich he’d probably be in a senior’s home on the floor for neurodegenerative patients no longer able to function by themselves. Instead the Secret Service has been reduced to the status of geriatric caregivers for a feeble old man who just babbles about whatever comes to mind (“Words? I’ve got the best words.”) He’ll be 74 by the election and 78 if he lives to see the end of a second term. Hell half of the Republican Party is probably already wearing diapers, why do people vote for the generation that fucked the world economy and kept us on the brink of nuclear war for fifty years while drafting people to die in proxy wars they held no stake in? Kim hit the nail on the head when he called Trump a dotard. Someone his age still living in North Korea is almost miraculous. He’s more likely to stroke out like Stalin than live to see the next decade and his son Eric “American Psycho” Trump will probably be waiting with a pillow to finish him off just to get his inheritance a day earlier. The only tears to be shed will be by hired mourners while the rest of the family dissects his estate joyously before the body is even cold. His ascent to power will be remembered for marking the end of the mere 25 years of American hegemony since the Cold War ended. The office of US president has turned from one to be respected to one that is demeaning to even be associated with. Nixon’s corpse is laughing in its grave, knowing that the running joke of his failed presidency will be replaced by 5 decades of mocking Trump if we don’t all die in a nuclear war because he’s been playing with the nuclear suitcase.

Whether you love him or hate him he isn’t going to be alive all that much longer and the presidency prematurely ages people. He’s already aged beyond any other president when he took office. No president has received as much deserved criticism as the failure of a decent human being he is and no president has been so easily wounded and manipulated by that glaring flaw. He will be on his death bed and still obsessing over the pitiful size of his inauguration crowd and his record low approval rating, without ever having realized that his life has been wasted on a series of failures, culminating in his media sideshow of a presidency. He’ll die the way he lived, miserable, insecure and lonely but still too stupid to know why.

Jack Blare, Oct 1, 2017

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Shattering the Stone

Arguing with Trump’s supporters is like teaching a cow to read. They are stupid people that believe what they want to hear no matter what the truth is. Cognitive dissonance. They reject all evidence that doesn’t support their opinion. They will misdirect and misrepresent you because they cannot refute you. They want things to change without time, effort and work. Trump’s rhetoric, if it even warrants the term, is based on getting everything done right now. “There will be a wall. Mexico is paying. Fire and Fury.” His fanbase loves the action talk but he never takes action because he can’t. He needs a new headline every couple days to distract the masses from his latest political fuckup.

His government is an authoritarian kleptocracy rife with nepotism and continually unstable. Neo-nazis may support it but this is no fourth reich, its a crumbling mess being held together by law but he can’t pay for his secret service, his Winter White House. He’s more like the last Tsar of Russia than Adolf Hitler. He can be forced to make concessions. He is not respected. Only his family’s jobs in the White House are safe. He’s paranoid and politics has made it worse. Its a volatile situation, something is going to spark and then the whole mess will burn, hopefully not taking us with it. We must be unrelenting. We must apply constant pressure from all sides to dismantle this beast. At this point the lines are drawn. You can either love him or hate him but you can’t do both. His supporters have made up their minds. The time for friendly discourse or persuasion has passed. They only understand action. They only see in black and white, and it will be their undoing. The time for reconciliation is over.

The democrats can’t be counted on to fight this battle. When workers are oppressed they organize into a union. Your country treats most of you like employees and tax revenue. Strike like employees. Withhold their revenue. Turn away the tax collectors. If he can’t pay his own secret service, hit him wear it hurts, in the bag of money he has between his legs instead of genitalia. Agitate in the best way you can. Politicians can’t save this sinking ship of what was a short-lived superpower only the people can.

Jack Blare, September 5, 2017